Polisport Lookos Battery Powered Headlight – Product Of The Week

A universal, battery powered, solar headlight for motocross and off-road bikes

Battery operated, solar charging headlight? Oh yeah, we'll give it a try!Photo By Sean Klinger

Polisport Lookos Battery Powered Headlight

$404.45 Solar Version

$388.45 Standard Version

This week we are taking a look at Polisport’s new universal, battery-powered and solar rechargeable Lookos Headlight. Why someone didn’t come out with sooner is lost on us because this is a very cool idea. There is a non-solar version as well if you don’t like the way the charging panel looks, but we just had to test the recharge capabilities.

We haven’t put this on a bike yet but since it is a fully contained, battery-operated unit, we can mount this up to any bike in our test fleet, be it a moto bike or an off-roader. The battery pack is rechargeable via a wall plug on both solar and non-solar units and Polisport says to get a full recharge, even the solar panel version must be plugged into the wall. The solar panel is there more as a range extender rather than a full charging device.

How long does it last? According to Polisport, the battery pack should be good for four hours on the Low Beam mode and about two and a half hours on the High Beam mode. They don’t say how long the solar panel will extend those times, but any amount is cool. When the battery is completely dead, it should take about three hours to get a full charge.

The LED bulbs put out 400 lumens each and are replaceable, as is the battery pack. To mount this unit up to a bike, the Lookos comes with round, rubber securing straps to fasten it to the fork tubes between the upper and lower triple clamps. If a bike has a large CDI or steering damper (Honda style) there are extension brackets to move the whole housing more forward for better clearance.

We think this a very cool idea and we are excited to put the Lookos on one of our long haul test bikes soon. Check the magazine and back here at dirtrider.com for the full test soon.

Headlight solar panel
The solar panel looks a little funny and will get covered with dirt, but if it keeps the juice flowing, we are all about it.Photo By Sean Klinger
Back part of the headlight
The battery pack is wedged behind the top portion of the head light, above the bulbs. It can be taken out for replacement or for recharge via a wall plug, which takes about three hours according to Polisport.Photo By Sean Klinger
Battery pack
The battery pack has a side switch to turn it on and this top switch to go from High to Low Beam mode. According to Polisport, it should last two and a half hours on High and four hours on low. With the solar panel, those will be extended, yet by how much is unclear.Photo By Sean Klinger