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Hot Shots Wallpapers 2012

Whether you care to stare at scenic action photos from Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch or gritty images of mechanics putting in the hours at Supercross, there are some Hot Shots here that you’re going to want to check out. Whether you plop them up as a desktop wallpaper or simply flip through the shots when you want to go riding, we’re sure that you will find something here that you enjoy. Seriously, how cool is that Paul Whibley shot?!

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Photo: Chip Morton

Location: Qualcomm Stadium Pits, San Diego, California

Mechanic: Tony Berluti

Being a professional mechanic is a tough row to hoe. These guys spend their weekdays locked in a shop—often on their feet for 12 or more hours—meticulously tuning and preparing their beloved race bikes with the utmost care, pride and attention to detail. Then, on the weekends, their riders take these pristine machines into the dirt and utterly destroy them, thus requiring another straight week of knuckle busting on behalf of the mechanic. The next time you see your favorite rider leaving the track after a long day at the races, think about guys like Hart and Huntington Powersports mechanic Tony Berluti. For them, the night is still quite young.

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Photo: Scott Hoffman

Location: Nevada

Rider: AdMo Adventurers

Go into the desert or trek into the mountains with a few buddies on bikes and you’re bound to see some cool stuff. It’s difficult to explain to those who don’t ride, but the sights that can be seen on a bike are astounding and, oftentimes, totally unexpected. While riding, we’ve seen remote plane crash sites, pools of water filled with fish in the middle of the desert, random camps of off-grid humans, bottomless unmarked mineshafts and just about everything in between. Even cool old wooden structures like this provide fun photo opportunities and everlasting memories. There truly is no better way to see the world than with a throttle in your hand!

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Photo: Shan Moore

Location: Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch, Hurricane Mills, TN

Rider: Paul Whibley

Paul Whibley (3) made a big splash at the 2011 GNCC series double-header finale at Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch, winning Friday's race after points leader Charlie Mullins (112) dropped out with a mechanical problem. Mullins came back with a vengeance in Sunday's race, however, beating Whibs by over two minutes and wrapping up the 2011 title - the first American to do so since 2004.


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