Big Whips, Dakar Trips and A Jumping Cop – Motocross Wallpapers

Need some eye candy? You’ve come to the right place. This installment of Hot Shots has several solid wallpapers. Choose from Justin Barcia scrubbing like crazy, Chris Birch jamming across the South American Desert or Blake Williams’ long lost twin hucking himself on a glorified street bike. Whichever shot you like the best, these will all look great on your computer background!

Photo: Eric Hameister/

Location: Unadilla, New Berlin, NY

Rider: Justin Barcia

Congratulations to Eric Hameister, winner of the Dirt Rider photo challenge. This epic picture of Justin Barcia throwing a massive scrub off of Unadilla's gravity cavity shows just how far the sport has come, both in terms of what the riders are doing as well as the progress of motocross photographers like Hameister. Perfect exposure, great framing and incredible action make this an amazing image that is certainly worthy of a full spread.

Photo: Jorg Mitter/ Global Newsroom/ Red Bull Content Pool

Location: Red Bull X Fighters World Tour 2011, Rome, Italy

Rider: Officer Bilko

Can you imagine getting pulled over by this guy? Officer Bilko may not have the biggest tricks on earth, but what he lacks in extension he more than makes up for in style. From the genuine Moto Guzzi V 50 “Polizia” bike to the menacing aviator sunglasses, this is one Italian lawman that we wouldn’t want to mess with. What’s funny, though, is the striking resemblance between this death-defying cop and FMX star Blake Williams…long lost Italian-Australian twins, maybe?

Photo: Chris Denison

Location: Colorado

Rider: Ken Hilgendorf

Why do you ride? It might be for the adventure, the exercise, the challenge, the thrill, the scenery or just the unparalleled stress relief that comes with getting away on a dirt bike. Likely, it's a combination of all these things that keeps you coming back for more two-wheeled fun. Here at Dirt Rider, we put a lot of time and effort into the little details of the sport—which suspension setting works best, how well a tire holds up, etc.—and sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the concept of simply riding. But whether you're charging through a rocky creek bed, jamming across the desert or carving out your own adventure somewhere else, remember to take a moment to enjoy the ride.

Photo: Marcelo Maragni/ Red Bull Content Pool

Location: Dakar Rally, Argentina, South America

Rider: Chris Birch

As a multi-time winner of the Roof of Africa and the 2010 Red Bull Romaniacs champion, Chris Birch was an unlikely entry in the infamous Dakar Rally. Yet 2012 saw the lanky New Zealander trying his hand at arguably the toughest motorcycle race in the world, proving that even the best riders in the world need to branch out and challenge themselves every once in a while. But the need to race in South America went deeper than mere challenge for Birch, who even moved to South Africa to train for the race, crediting an unquenchable desire to just experience Dakar for himself. What races are on your bucket list?

Photo: Drew Ruiz

Location: Thing Valley Ranch, Pine Valley, California

Rider: Nick Evennou

Dirt Rider pro test rider Nick Evennou loves his day job as a sales rep for FMF Racing, but he's not afraid to call in sick occasionally to come out and ride. In the case of the 2011 CRF450R first test, young Nick woke up at four in the morning on his day off, battled traffic for three hours, hit the same jump until the ruts were too deep to ride and then gridlocked his way home to his wife well after dark to write an opinion…. all with a freshly broken wrist. In true form, Evennou was blowing up our phone from the doctor's office the very next day wanting to know when the next test would be, proving yet again that even a bad day riding is better than a great day at work.