PHOTOS: Thanksgiving Bangers!

Two-Wheels Goes Gratitude

Despite what every department store on earth would lead you to believe, Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, reflection, and appreciation. And what better way to celebrate all the things we love than with one of the things we love most—dirt bikes?! This week, we’re pleased to bring you a handful of bangin’ shots from motorsports photographer extraordinaire Chris Tedesco.

For this assignment, our man Tedesco (no relation to Ivan) teamed up with FMX rider and all-around two-wheeled artist Jimmy Hill, who showed off his skills in a variety of settings, from his parent’s ranch in Walker Basin to a local skatepark in Bakersfield. Hill’s background is as influenced by skateboarding as it is motocross, and according to Tedesco, Jimmy is the type of rider who will work his tail off to find photo setups that are outside of the norm of what you usually see on Social Media. One look at Tedesco’s gallery and we can see that these guys nailed their goal of grabbing something different!

In honor of the holiday weekend, here are our five favorite shots from the Tedesco/Hill collaborative shoot. Check these out and be prepared to grab your bike, because these photos will make you want to ride!

With gratitude being a core theme of Thanksgiving, it’s important to keep in mind how thankful we can all be for the creativity that can be found on two wheels. When each of us hops on a bike, we’re given the chance to express ourselves in an activity where the limits can be pushed as often and as far as we are willing. Here, Jimmy Hill takes a slow wheelie to the edge with an insane display of bike skills, control, and—you guessed it—creativity.Photo by Chris Tedesco
Black Friday sales may be all the rage the day after Thanksgiving, and while there’s nothing wrong with a good bargain, it’s important that we not get lost in the relentless cacophony of consumption. The day after Thanksgiving is a perfect time for reflection, and a big part of that involves slowing down and allowing our minds to wander. When you do this, magical things can occur, such as Jimmy Hill’s unique way of riding a motorcycle—while standing on the seat. We can all appreciate the tranquility of this photo, as well as the fact that it never would have occurred if Jimmy were in fifth gear!Photo by Chris Tedesco
Skateparks aren’t just for skaters: with the right opportunity, a rider like Jimmy Hill can find a creative line for his dirt bike in an area that has all but been abandoned by other enthusiasts. Here, Chris Tedesco captures a fun moment where bike skills are blended with an unexpected environment to create an incredibly fun shot.Photo by Chris Tedesco
We’ll bet that when this old house foundation was abandoned, nobody every guessed that Jimmy Hill would be throwing a no-hander down the main stairs. This photo is proof that dirt bikes aren’t just about going around in circles on a motocross track, or riding away from and back to the truck. Sometimes, a talented rider with a helmet and a four-stroke can bring new life to a spot that the rest of the world has all but forgotten.Photo by Chris Tedesco
As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, we realize that there’s one more month left in 2015—just four more weeks for each of us to meet our goals, turn things around, or continue to push so as to end the year on a high note. Some tend to use these last few weeks to coast into the New Year, while others—like Jimmy Hill here—simply grab a handful of throttle, step the back end out, and let it rip. We recommend that you take time today to think about how you want to finish 2015, and that you rip into it with as much alacrity as Hill is into this corner!Photo by Chris Tedesco