PHOTOS: Tennessee MotoTrials 2016

Shan Moore gives us a look at this weekend’s US MotoTrials at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee.

Eight-time US MotoTrials Champ Pat Smage and former number three in the world Marc Freixa of Spain have been going at it in the 2016 SWM US MotoTrials National Series. The latest round at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee saw the two riders split wins over the two-day event. Here’s a look at the event through the lens of Shan Moore’s Nikon.

Spaniard Marc Freixa (US Montesa/Honda) attacks one of the large limestone rocks in the event. The rocks grow big in this part of Tennessee.Photo by Shan Moore
Alex Niederer finished fifth on each day of the event. The Gas Gas USA rider lives in Florida but grew up in Austria.Photo by Shan Moore
Pat Smage (Team RYP/Zip Express/Dunlop/Maxima/Sherco) took the win on day one with a clean score for the day.Photo by Shan Moore
Quinn Wentzel exits section 11 on Saturday. The Team RYP/Zip Express/Dunlop/Maxima/Scorpa rider crashed on the following loop and sprained his wrist, forcing him to sit out Sunday’s event.Photo by Shan Moore
Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (US Montesa/Honda) launches up one of the many rock climbs.Photo by Shan Moore
Sam Fastle (Team RYP/Zip Express/Dunlop/Maxima/Sherco) is one of the many up-and-comers in the pro class.Photo by Shan Moore
Karl Davis Jr. (Team RYP/Zip Express/Dunlop/Maxima/Scorpa) turned in his best performance to date with a pair of fourths.Photo by Shan Moore
Elliott Key shows great form en route to the win in the Junior division on Saturday.Photo by Shan Moore
Marc Freixa topped Sunday’s event with a total of just two points. He is currently tied with Smage for the lead in the series standings.Photo by Shan Moore