PHOTOS: Rattlesnake National Enduro 2016

Behind the scenes at this weekend’s National Enduro in Pennsylvania

Grant Baylor got off to a quick start by winning the opening two tests of the day at the Rattlesnake Enduro, round six of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series, and then held on to claim his third win of the season, tightening up the points race for the 2016 title. Here’s a look at the race through the lens of Shan Moore’s Nikon.

Andrew DeLong, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Andrew DeLong got cleared to ride again on Wednesday before the Rattlesnake and he showed up to cheer on his Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing teammate Josh Strang and his little brother, Coastal Racing’s Craig DeLong.Photo By Shan Moore
Alex Witkowski, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Alex Witkowski pitted under the Beta USA tent at the Rattlesnake and came away with third in the Open A division.Photo By Shan Moore
Tony Hall, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Factory KTM mechanic Tony Hall does some linkage maintenance on one of Russell Bobbitt’s bikes in the KTM tent.Photo By Shan Moore
Josh Strang, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Josh Strang turned in his best race of the season with a runner-up finish. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing-backed Strang told Dirt Rider that if he can just figure out what he did right he could finish on the podium every week!Photo By Shan Moore
Broc Helper, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Broc Hepler is beginning to be a regular at the National Enduros, at least the ones near Pennsylvania. The former motocross star will be riding Six Days this year on a Gas Gas sponsored team.Photo By Shan Moore
Grant Baylor, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Grant Baylor won the first test of the day, a grass track, by almost 30 seconds over Chris Bach. Baylor won test two as well and held on to lead the entire distance of the race.Photo By Shan Moore
Nick Fahringer, Rattlesnake National Enduro
AirGroup Racing’s Nick Fahringer had a good day, winning the fourth test and finishing fifth overall.Photo By Shan Moore
Ryder Lafferty, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Ryder Lafferty put his AirGroup Racing Husky into fourth overall, his best finish yet in the National Enduro Series.Photo By Shan Moore
Tegan Temple, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Tegan Temple blasts through the ferns in test two. The Beta USA rider had an off day, finishing 30th overall.Photo By Shan Moore
Jesse Groemm, Rattlesnake National Enduro
Jesse Groemm won test three, but a rough start to the day kept the KTM rider down to eighth at the finish.Photo By Shan Moore