PHOTOS: El Trial de Espana 2016

A look at this year’s ETdE in photos

Seventeen-year-old Andrew Putt made a statement at this year’s El Trial de Espana, announcing he is ready for prime time by taking a 60-point win over the competition. Whether or not the Sherco USA rider can challenge eight-time National MotoTrials Champ Pat Smage will be answered soon enough, as the US National Series starts in just six weeks.

Daniel Blanc-Gonnet, ETdE 2016
Montesa USA's Daniel Blanc-Gonnet hangs on by the edge of his knobs as he navigates on of the exhibition section on Sunday.Photo By Shan Moore
Bill Merritt, ETdE 2016
Vertigo USA's Bill Merritt peaks through the pines in section eight on Saturday.Photo By Shan Moore
Andrew Putt, ETdE 2016
Andrew Putt takes a leap of faith from one giant granite bolder to another in a massive section that was typical of this year's event.Photo By Shan Moore
Andrew Putt, ETdE 2016
More rock hopping from Putt.Shan Moore
Sam Fastle, ETdE 2016
Pro rider Sam Fastle leaps out of a section en route to third overall for the weekend.Photo by Shan Moore
Andrew Oldar, ETdE 2016
Last year's ETdE winner Andrew Oldar jumps a small gap on his four-stoke Montesa.Photo By Shan Moore
Andrew Putt, ETdE 2016
Andrew Putt pops up over a rock as his minder, Bryan Roper, looks on. Roper is also a top Pro rider, and joined Putt in representing the United States at the recent X-Trial des Nations in Nice, France.Photo By Shan Moore
Jared Malquist, ETdE 2016
Longtime SoCal rider Jared Malmquist eases his Beta over a small rock during Sunday's action.Photo By Shan Moore
Andrew Putt, ETdE 2016
Another launch across a gap by Putt.Photo By Shan Moore
Scott Head, ETdE 2016
Former three-time national Trials champ Scott Head competed in one of the support classes at this year's event.Photo By Shan Moore