At Unadilla MX in New Berlin, NY, the tenth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series, Auto Trader Monster Energy JGR Suzuki rider Phil Nicoletti from Cohocton, NY came back from injury to race at his hometown track. We will take you through Phil’s day from the 1st laps on the track to the last lap in Moto 2.

Phil started his day at Unadilla catching up with friends and fans as they kept coming up in droves at the JGR truck.Rob Koy
Phil shook many hands before the 1st practice got underway.Rob Koy
Phil gets some last minute adjustments made before the practice session got underway. It’s been almost seven months since Phil got to race since he was recovering from a leg injury he sustained at a press ride during the Supercross series in February.Rob Koy
Phil had his best lap of the 1st timed session on his 5th lap where he turned a 2:12.447 for the 17th fastest time of the session.Rob Koy
Phil gets ready to drop down into the famous Screw You which is a very steep downhill that goes back up the same steep hill.Rob Koy
After the 1st time practice Phil and the team go over the map settings and made some changes to give Phil the feel he was looking for. Phil said that he has not tested with the team and maybe they will test this next few weeks before the season is over.Rob Koy
Phil’s mechanic Isaiah Murph gets the bike ready for the 2nd time practice after some adjustments were made.Rob Koy
Phil works on his starts during the five-minute start session before the 2nd time practice gets underway.Rob Koy
Phil turned a lap of 2:12.842 on lap 4 of the session for his fastest time. That gave him the 16th fastest time of the session, so he went with the 1st session time for the 18th gate pick in Moto 1.Rob Koy
Phil climbing up out of the Screw You section. Phil said that he was a little surprised at the pace these guy are going and the intensity was higher than he thought.Rob Koy
Phil Nicoletti (#37) did not get the reaction time he was looking for out of the gate in Moto 1 as he lost the elbow game to both riders beside him. Phil said he got a horrible start and he and the team needed to test on a good starting setting this week.Rob Koy
Phil was shown in 12th place on the 1st lap and stayed in that position most of the race only swapping with 13th place a couple times, but ended with a 12th place finish as the race was cut short for the lightning in the area as the storms came in.Rob Koy
Phil on the 2nd lap of Moto 1 as the rain came down at a steady but manageable pace.Rob Koy
Phil went by the mechanics tents as the rain started to pick up and cause some of the banners to rip apart in some sections of the track. The race was cut short on the 11th lap as the lightning was getting closer to the track.Rob Koy
Phil got a much better start in Moto 2 but went down in the 1st turn and slid in the wet mud covering the whole side of his jersey and his gloves. Phil went into the pits for a new glove and goggles and was in last place as the leaders got close to lapping him before he exited the pits.Rob Koy
Phil considers himself a good mudder and believed if he didn’t go down in the 1st turn he would have been around 5th place in Moto 2. Starting back in 36th place Phil was able to move his way through the field during the shortened 2nd Moto. Here Phil works his way through some deep wet mud.Rob Koy
Phil works his way through the water hazard on the lower turn by the pro pits before the mechanics tents. Phil took the inside line hoping it was shallower.Rob Koy
Phil said that the muddy conditions did not help his injured ankle and foot as he had to dab it a lot in the muddy conditions causing it to hurt more than he thought it would.Rob Koy
Phil takes the outside dryer line before the water hole at the end of the 20 minute plus 1 lap Moto 2.Rob Koy

Phil went 12-18 for 16th overall at Unadilla and said he was a little disappointed with his finishes. Phil’s goal was around a 10th place finish and he felt that if it wasn’t for his starts and his 1st turn crash he should have been up there. He felt that he needs to work on his setup with the bike and his intensity during the race since it is difficult to duplicate that feeling by just practicing. Phil will prepare for the last two rounds with maybe some testing to get that feel with the bike that he needs for better starts so he could get some top ten finishes. Phil said that his injuries are good but he will have to deal with some pain during the Motos as he heals up more as time goes on.