Pat Smage Steps Closer to a 10th MotoTrials Title

Smage Takes Two More At Colorado MotoTrials

Sherco USA’s Pat Smage grabbed two more wins in the 2018 AMA/NATC US National MotoTrials Series on the massive and intimidating granite rocks near Texas Creek, Colorado. On Saturday, Smage finished 54 points ahead of a two-way battle between GasGas North America teammates Alex Niederer and Daniel Blanc-Gonnet for second place. Niederer got the nod by eight points over Blanc-Gonnet on Saturday, with Sherco USA’s Sam Fastle and Scorpa USA’s Quinn Wentzel rounding out the top five.

On Sunday, Smage grabbed win number four, dropping just 12 points for the entire day. Meanwhile, Blanc-Gonnet edged Niederer for second by virtue of a tiebreaker after the two riders finished the competition tied at 47 points. In the end, Blanc-Gonnet finished in the runner-up spot having one more clean ride than Niederer. Fastle finished fourth, wth Andreas Niederer and Quinn Wentzel in fifth and sixth respectively.

Alex Niederer got off to a good start with a clean in the first test of the day on Saturday. The GasGas North America-backed rider finished second on Saturday and third on Sunday.Shan Moore
Sherco USA’s Sam Fastle rebounded from this nasty fall in section one on Saturday to earn a pair of fourth-place finishes in Colorado.Shan Moore
GasGas North America’s Daniel Blanc-Gonnet fights for balance during Saturday’s competition. The Oregon rider went 3-2 over the two days.Shan Moore
Beta rider Payden Campbell rides an extremely tight line in the Expert Sportsman class. The Kansas rider went 6-4 over the weekend.Shan Moore
Women’s Pro rider Kylee Sweeten prepares for the start on Sunday. Sweeten finished second on both days behind Maddie Hoover.Shan Moore
Pat Smage dominated as usual, easily winning the Pro class on both days. Smage has his eye on a 10th US National MotoTrials title in 2018, which would tie the record for most trials titles currently held by Geoff Aaron.Shan Moore
Josh Roper was on point in Colorado, winning Saturday’s round by 12 points over Alex Myer. On Sunday, Roper dropped just two points all day to claim the win.Shan Moore
Beta USA’s Andreas Niederer launches across a massive gap in a section on Saturday.Shan Moore
Series regular Billy de Garis travels the circuit year after year from his home in British Columbia in search of another Senior title. The 74-year-old has lost count of the number of titles he has to his credit.Shan Moore
Scorpa USA’s Quinn Wentzel trips the light fantastic on Saturday.Shan Moore

Colorado National MotoTrials Results - Saturday

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Pat Smage Sherco 16
2 Alex Niederer GasGas 70
3 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas 78
4 Sam Fastle Sherco 129
5 Quinn Wentzel Scorpa 155
6 Andreas Niederer Beta 161

Colorado National MotoTrials Results - Sunday

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Pat Smage Sherco 12
2 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas 47
3 Alex Niederer GasGas 47
4 Sam Fastle Sherco 96
5 Andreas Niederer Beta 104
6 Quinn Wentzel Scorpa 113