Dunlop Geomax Trial TL01 First Look

D803GP is superseded after a long tenure as Dunlop’s trials tire.

After achieving several AMA/NATC MotoTrials National Championship titles supplying traction for FactoryOne Sherco’s Pat Smage (who recently clinched his 14th premier class No. 1 plate), Dunlop has released a new trials tire. Replacing the outgoing D803GP is the Geomax Trial TL01. Offered in both a front and rear, Dunlop’s latest rubber designed for rock-hopping boasts some notable new features over its predecessor.

Dunlop has won many AMA/NATC MotoTrials National Championship titles supplying traction for Pat Smage with its D803GP, and the popular tire company looks to continue that trend with the Geomax Trial TL01.Dunlop

First, a new block design prevents knobs from flexing and losing their shape in order to improve performance in all conditions. According to Dunlop, its Specialized Groove Channel Technology (SGCT) in the shoulder blocks allows for three times stronger blocks than the D803GP. An oil-rich High Adhesion Compound (H-AC) is employed to increase flexibility for better grip. The same goes for a special carbon, which helps convert impact energy into heat and is especially beneficial on slick surfaces.

According to Dunlop, the Geomax Trial TL01’s shoulder blocks maintain their shape better than the outgoing D803GP, which increases the contact patch when pressed against angled surfaces.Dunlop

The Geomax Trial TL01 front and rear tires are each available in one size—the front in an 80/100-21 and the rear in a 120/100R-18. Suggested retail price of the front is $176.95, while the rear is priced at $248.95. Both are available now.