Orofino LoggerXross 2016 Race Report

Orofino attracted some serious talent with its challenging obstacles

Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross, track
This year's Orofino LoggerXross proved to be a challenge, but an exciting one at that.Photography by Ben Baucum

Orofino is a modest sized timber town located where the ring finger would take grip on the Idaho panhandle. One weekend per year it is the center of the continent for concentrated hardcore off-road racing, thanks to the persistent and accommodating efforts of event promoter Jim Engle and crew. This year the event went off on May 13 and 14, and the substantial pro purse and gnarly track littered with logs, rock and old heavy equipment rubber attract some serious talent. Most are Pro EnduroCross regulars such as Ty Tremaine, Kyle Redmond, Wyatt Hart, Ty Cullins, Cory Graffunder, Max Gerston, Morgan Tanke, Cooper Abbott, Mason Ottersberg, Tyler Kinkade, and Austin Schiermeister to name several.

Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
The start had several obstacles leading into the first turn.Photography by Ben Baucum
Tyler Kinkade, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Tyler Kinkade is a NW native and sported a wood grain helmet wrap.Photography by Ben Baucum
Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
The course was broken up to allow kids to compete.Photography by Ben Baucum

The LoggerXross takes place in an open air arena between the city's downtown and Clearwater River. It is a major attraction for local spectators who are treated to two days of racing by some of the world's best riders.

Cooper Abbott, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Cooper Abbott escaped the clutches of the LoggerXross rock section.Photography by Ben Baucum
Jon Seehorn, C6 class, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Jon Seehorn didn't let a cast get in the way of some friendly competition and raced the C6 class.Photography by Ben Baucum

Unique to the 2016 event, Destry Abbott of DA8 Training was on hand Friday morning to give a lesson on how to attack each obstacle on the track. Beyond line choice, trainees were taught strategy, conditioning tips as well as proper bike setup for the congested rigors of this type of racing. The handful of pupils in attendance benefited from the shared wisdom of the seasoned instructor going into their weekend of competition.

Jason Gitchel, Destry Abbott, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Jason Gitchel gets some coaching from the legendary Destry Abbott.Photography by Ben Baucum

Pro racers faced a two-day, two-moto format. Friday night saw a lot of battling between riders in the first moto. Max Gerston got a great start and flowed over the course while holding the early lead. He was aggressively chased by Ty Tremaine and Kyle Redmond. The firewood-pit-to-rock-pile transition was the area that caused the most separation between competitors as the laps counted down. Despite the mid pack start, Cory Graffunder pushed his way into second while Redmond took advantage of the hard charging Gerston's mistake inserting his Beta into the lead. In the end it was Redmond who saw the checkers first followed by Graffunder and Tremaine.

Max Gerston, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Max Gerston shook off a hard digger and rebounded for 3rd OA on Saturday.Photography by Ben Baucum
Ty Tremaine, Max Gerston, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Ty Tremaine mixed it up with Gerston and was able to podium.Photography by Ben Baucum

During the second moto Wyatt Hart and Cooper Abbott nailed their starts and put themselves into podium potential positions along with Gerston, Redmond, Tremaine, and Graffunder. Within a few laps rankings began to look similar to the first moto. Graffunder was on the hunt for Redmond while Gerston and Tremaine scrapped for the last spot on the podium. Gerston had a hard get off in front of the grandstands taking himself out of top contention. Eventually Graffunder was able to pass for the lead and rode flawlessly for the overall win. Redmond settled into the runner up spot and second for the night. Tremaine filed in for a solid third.

Wyatt Hart, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Wyatt Hart clears the wooden transition on day two of racing.Photography by Ben Baucum
Kyle Redmond, Cory Graffunder, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Kyle Redmond was able to earn a moto victory and kept Graffunder honest for the rest of the competition.Photography by Ben Baucum

The course direction was changed for Saturday which created faster lap times and a new source of challenges. This time the greatest area of concern was the section of laid down tires which had a log step up at the beginning. In the first Pro moto Graffunder got the start he wanted and carried it to the finish for first. Redmond crossed the finish in second and Tremaine came out in front of Gerston in a very close battle for third.

Ty Cullins, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Ty Cullins heads over the bridge during the night show.Photography by Ben Baucum
Austin Schiermeister, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Austin Schiermeister was an Idahoan that was able to hold his own in the Pro class.Photography by Ben Baucum

The final moto of the night was an all out sprint between Redmond and Graffunder. Cory claimed the lead early on but Kyle was not about to let it slip away. The two were touching tires until the last lap where Graffunder held off the advances for the overall win of the weekend. The battle for third was almost as closely contested as Gerston edged out Tremain for third overall on the night.

Cory Graffunder, Orofino LoggerXross, 2016, motocross
Cory Graffunder, overall winner of the 2016 LoggerXross.Photography by Ben Baucum