Ontario EnduroCross Round 7 - PHOTOS

Racing gallery of the final EnduroCross of the year

Off-road racers Gary Sutherlin (324) and Jordan Ashburn (4x) were battling it out in Ontario, California. Gary won both the National Hare & Hound championship and WORCS championship this year, and Jordan is usually found racing GNCCs in the XC1 class.Brown Dog Wilson

As you probably have seen by now, Cody Webb got his sixth victory of the season and yet another EnduroCross championship to add to his long list of wins. The Citizens Business Bank Arena (at Ontario, California) track was a pretty difficult one with the Matrix having both a decline and incline. The No Joke Lane was also a bear with some of the biggest logs and rock piles we've seen this year. Overall it was a great night of racing even without favorite Colton Haaker in the mix, who is recovering from surgery.

Legendary racer Destry Abbott won the Vet class.Brown Dog Wilson
Cody Webb was putting on a clinic all night, made even easier by his excellent starts.Brown Dog Wilson
Teammates Trystan Hart and Cory Graffunder go bar to bar.Brown Dog Wilson
Cody was one of the few riders jumping into the water pit—most were rolling in and then jumping out.Brown Dog Wilson
Jordan put his wet riding skills to use.Brown Dog Wilson
Shelby Turner rode extremely consistent in the Women’s main event to take the win and championship.Brown Dog Wilson
Tarah Gieger got on the box with third.Brown Dog Wilson
Cody Webb put his good starts to use by putting a good gap on the field.Brown Dog Wilson
The wood pit was gnarly this round. Having both big and small pieces makes it harder than having consistent size logs.Brown Dog Wilson
Geoff Aaron is a calm, calculated rider, unfazed by the irregular chunks of wood.Brown Dog Wilson
This is the rock wall in the No Joke Lane. It is about shoulder height.Brown Dog Wilson
Just entering and exiting the No Joke Lane was a Herculean feat with waist-high logs.Brown Dog Wilson
Cody celebrating by putting a bit o’ style on his finish line jump.Brown Dog Wilson
All smiles.Brown Dog Wilson
Bell Helmets had a custom gold helmet painted for the champ.Brown Dog Wilson
Here’s a look at the whole track.Brown Dog Wilson
Kacy Martinez-Coy, Shelby Turner, and Tarah Gieger.Brown Dog Wilson
Main event podium celebrationBrown Dog Wilson
And, of course, a celebratory burnout from the now #1 plate holder.Brown Dog Wilson