Onboard With Robby Bell At 29 Palms Big 6 GP 2017 | VIDEO

Watch Robby Bell race the 29 Palms GP, Round 4 of the 2017 Big 6 GP Series.

Watch the fast-paced, frenetic action on board with Robby Bell from the fourth round of the 2017 AMA Big 6 Grand Prix Series in Twentynine Palms, California. After an average start, Robby was able to work his way through the field and battle with leader Eric Yorba, making the pass with two laps to go. Unfortunately, just a few straightaways before reaching the finish line on the final lap, Robby was caught out by a soft patch of dirt, knifing the front end and sending him flying through the air. He would be taken to the hospital for precaution, but aside from some bruised ribs and a concussion, he was ok.