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Moto 101
Motocross History
Roger DeCoster and Jean-Michel Bayle were on hand at the soon-to-open Primm MX Collection during a shoot for a new motocross history movie by the producers who made the highly successful The Great Outdoors DVD. The two motocross legends posed with the bikes they once raced.Still Pinned!
Nate Adams has been out of action since breaking his femur in December. He had hoped to be riding by mid-March after surgery to repair his damaged leg, but complications have slowed the healing, and he has been in too much pain to ride. He may need to have the rod in his leg removed. If so, Adams will be out of action much longer than expected. Check out for a full interview with this freestyle legend.Good Old #4
Says Thanks
The boys at ProTaper made this custom bar pad for Ricky Carmichael. The words say it all!Supercross
Vegas Bling: Evans is
Supercross's Top Privateer
To celebrate being the top privateer, Tyler Evans and his Bloodshot team went all out for the Las Vegas supercross with custom graphics, gold plastic and a real Louis Vuitton seat cover. Evans pocketed more than $100,000 for top-privateer honors, so he had something to be excited about. It is rumored he will be expanding his team to three riders and will pit out of a semi in 2006.Fox Racing One-Offs
The Fox crew made special one-off Vegas gear for Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart. Both had custom-painted helmets along with trick pants and jerseys. Stewart's jersey had real gold foil lining the chest area. It looks as if the bling brought Bubba bad luck, as he didn't even make one lap in his heat race before retiring for the night after a high-speed get-off.Privateer Life
American Honda's Lars Lindstrom was back in action at Las Vegas-only this time he was behind the handlebar. Lindstrom turns the wrenches for Jeremy McGrath (see our July issue for a Sideways interview) and is a full-time mechanic at Honda. With MC not racing, Lindstrom pulled a bike together at the last minute and decided to compete. Although he is used to the factory life of pitting under a semi, he was back to his roots, using his Ford truck for the Vegas supercross. He qualified for the night program but failed to reach the main event.New Again
Mini Rider
Ever since our little brother, Mini Rider, hit newsstands earlier this year, our offices have been flooded with inquiries about the new magazine. To those who wrote in asking for more, your prayers have been answered-the second issue of Mini Rider is officially on its way! Under the editorial direction of pro freestyler-turned-journalist Chris Denison, MR has something for everyone. From an article on how to convince your parents to help you get a bike to in-depth tests of some of the top young racers' bikes, this issue has it all. Keep an eye out for it as it will be available around the time you read this. And keep up the noise if you want more!Back To The Good
Old Days With RJ
Multitime motocross and supercross champion Rick Johnson was wearing new retro Oakley Blades. In keeping with the fashion, RJ sported a mullet just as he had in the 1980s and early '90s. It's funny how things come full circle.Park Guidelines For Off-Highway Vehicles
Everything you need to know about establishing, building and maintaining an OHV park in one easy-to-use 200-page book, the first edition of Park Guidelines for Off-Highway Vehicles was such a success that the NOHVCC ordered a second printing. You can get your copy by contacting the NOHVCC at 800/348-6487;; The book is $45 plus $6 shipping and handling, and NOHVCC will accept payment by check or credit card.NOHVCC also has an Urban Park CD PowerPoint presentation to assist you when you approach your community, zoning meetings and the like. The organization also has a contact list of individuals who have already developed parks if you have specific questions.