New Sedici Off-road and Adventure Gear

Sedici introduces gear for off-road, motocross, and adventure.

Off-road gear
Here is a look at the Ventilatore and Podio jerseys and Podio pant. Both the Ventilatore and Podio jerseys are $39.99 and the pant is $89.99. These are Sedici’s premium off-road gear options. As the name suggests the Ventilatore jersey is the more vented of the two. The Podio comes in two color options and the pant is only offered in black.Photo By Sean Klinger

Cycle Gear is well known as a motorcycle retail shop that sells everything from parts and gear to tires and chain lube. They also sell a brand of motorcycle clothing called Sedici. Meaning the number 16 in Italian, Sedici is one of Cycle Gear’s proprietary brands and is sold exclusively at their stores and online at

Cycle Gear’s philosophy with motorcycle gear is to offer a “good” option, a “better” option, and a “best” option. The “good” off-road gear is their Bilt line of value oriented jerseys and pants and Cycle Gear says that the new Sedici line of gear is their “better” option. According to Cycle Gear, this gear fills in the gap between their lowest-priced gear and the top-of-the-line gear from Fox, Thor, etc. But, they also claim that the Sedici line has some features that are akin to the “best” gear at a lower price.

Lavori jersey and pant
The Lavori jersey and pant are simpler in design and therefore a bit less expensive. The jersey goes for $24.99 and the pant for $69.99 and both are offered in women’s sizes. The Lavori glove has a minimalistic, single-layered palm construction and is $19.99.Photo By Sean Klinger
Podio collar
Both the Ventilatore and Podio jerseys have a wider, more open collar than the V-neck style of the Lavori. They also have more paneling and different weight materials in different areas of the jerseys.Photo By Sean Klinger
Knee detail
There are knee and thigh vents on the Podio pant. It has a racier fit than the Lavori pant, but was designed with enough room in the knees to allow for knee braces.Photo By Sean Klinger
Podio gear set
The Podio jersey and pant look the raciest with bold graphics on the jersey. This is the lime/teal/white colorway and it also comes in white/red/blue. The Ventilatore jersey only comes in white/black. The Podio glove has more protection on the knuckles and fingers yet has stretch panels to not bind. It goes for $24.99.Photo By Sean Klinger
Full carbon helmet
This is the Fuori Carbon Fiber Flo helmet that is priced at $299.99. That is a competitive price for a full-carbon helmet. It is DOT and ECE approved.Photo By Sean Klinger
Composite helmet
The Fuori Lustro helmet is $149.99. It has the same shape and features of the full-carbon version, but the shell has a Kevlar-rienforced fiberglass layup.Photo By Sean Klinger
Viaggio adventure gear
Sedici also introduced its two lines of adventure riding gear. Here is the premium jacket and pant of the Viaggio line. At $299.99 for the jacket and $199.99 for the pant, these waterproof pieces of gear come in far below their competition.Photo By Sean Klinger
Hydration pack on jacket
One of the cool features is a built-in, replaceable 1-liter hydration pack and drink tube. There is also CE approved armor in the shoulders, elbows, and chest.Photo By Sean Klinger
Terreno pant and jacket
The Terreno line of gear is more for warmer weather adventure riding. The jacket and pant are much more ventilated yet still come with a removable waterproof liner. The jacket is $179.99 and the pant is $139.99.Photo By Sean Klinger
Terreno gear
The Terreno adventure gear also has shoulder, elbow, and knee protection built in. The cut is a little shorter than the Viaggio line to keep it cooler.Photo By Sean Klinger
Adventure Helmet
Lastly, they are introducing the Sedici Avventura Helmet. They come in the carbon fiber construction for $299.99 and the composite construction for $199.99.Photo By Sean Klinger