KLIM’s New KRIOS Helmet

The New Advanced ADV Helmet From KLIM

Klim KRIOS Helmet sideview, Matte Black
Klim KRIOS Helmet sideview, Matte BlackCourtesy of KLIM

The Weight is Over. The all-new KRIOS Adventure helmet from KLIM has arrived. And with it, a new beginning for long-distance, all-conditions comfort and performance is realized. KRIOS destroys conventional concepts of helmet functionality. From weight, comfort and aerodynamics to optical superiority and communication, KRIOS is on a completely new level.

KRIOS’ innovative shell construction and premium material sourcing make it a carbon-fiber masterpiece. As such, it leaves the competition in the dust as the only ADV-worthy helmet in North America weighing less than 1500 grams. A wide carbon weave core, hand-laid for consistency and cured with custom resin amounts throughout the shell combine to reduce weight, ensure uniform shell integrity and strength. But there’s more to this story than just a lightweight and strong shell.

KRIOS riders enjoy ultra clear vision with optically correct face-shield technology combined with an industry leading field of vision. The ultra-comfortable eye port design puts riders’ eyes and what they should see at a priority and eliminates distraction. Premium Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch shield tech takes the lead with Pinlock® ready systems standard to ensure a clear road ahead. The result is a high-mileage partner worthy of any expedition.

Fueling the comfort and long-distance abilities of the KRIOS is KLIM’s in-house design team’s intense aero acoustic engineering effort. The focus: to provide optimum comfort at any speed. The result: sleek and stable aerodynamics, intelligent ventilation designs and a premium liner system built to keep you riding mile after mile.

Utilizing their backyard-testing lab in the heart of the American west, KLIM engineers perfected the ride quality of the KRIOS, ensuring the visor didn’t increase noise or reduce on-bike comfort. Likewise, they tested the visor and spoiler system at all speeds, perfecting the functionality to stabilize and put the riders’ head at ease.

Inside, KLIM’s Klimatek™ fabric liner system utilizes adaptive smart foam technology and anti-microbial/bacterial fast-wicking textiles. Combined with an intelligent ventilation system with adequate airflow through the chin bar and closable top vent, KRIOS is sure to be comfortable from slow-to-go.

As versatile as the terrain it can conquer, KRIOS is designed to rebuild the ADV helmet mindset with a quick-release shield and visor system that only requires a simple, 90-degree lock/unlock—no tools required. It quickly transitions from street to off-road or to any of four riding modes (ADV, Dirt, Trail and Street) quickly. This innovative technology allows riders to adapt the KRIOS to their custom needs, including use with goggles.

To keep you completely in-touch, KRIOS comes completely integrated with bluetooth communications technology from SENA, designed specifically for the KRIOS Adventure Helmet. Based on latest SENA 10U bluetooth communications technology.

Finally, all the innovation in the world doesn’t matter without real data. Thanks to KRIOS’ innovative construction and premium materials, it meets or exceeds the most demanding ECE and DOT standards for motorcycle helmets—all at a reduced weight compared to the competition.

KRIOS is available in three colorways and in sizes Small - 3XL. MSRP: $549.99

Klim KRIOS Helmet front view, Matte Black
Klim KRIOS Helmet front view, Matte BlackCourtesy of KLIM
Klim KRIOS Helmet front side view, Matte Black
Klim KRIOS Helmet front side view, Matte BlackCourtesy of KLIM
Klim KRIOS Helmet front view, Matte White
Klim KRIOS Helmet front view, Matte WhiteCourtesy of KLIM
Klim KRIOS Helmet side view, Matte White
Klim KRIOS Helmet side view, Matte WhiteCourtesy of KLIM
Klim KRIOS Helmet front side view, Matte White
Klim KRIOS Helmet front side view, Matte WhiteCourtesy of KLIM

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