New Flak Shields From Fastway by Pro Moto Billet

Protect your knuckles from roost, brush, etc.

Pro Moto Billet Flak Shields
Keep your knuckles protected with the new Flak Shields from Pro Moto Billet.Photo Courtesy of Pro Moto Billet

Pro Moto Billet has released its new Flak Shields. These new durable Flak Shields are manufactured with nearly indestructible Nylon MD mounting brackets which are capable of taking impacts while still being able to return to its original position. Keep your knuckles protected from the weather, brush, roost or whatever else comes your way.

Choose from a variety of colors and designs: Red/Black (P/N 22-15-1000)
Red/White (P/N 22-15-1100)
Orange/Black (P/N 22-15-3100)
Blue/White (P/N 22-15-5100)
Black/White (P/N 22-15-8300)
White/Black (P/N 22-15-8400)

Price: $49.95
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