MXGP Rookie Project Kicked Off at Papendal

The project is designed to prepare rookie riders for the world of motocross

MXGP Rookie Project
Marcel Hartman will act as the Federation coach to the selected riders.Photo Courtesy of FIM Europe

Rookie riders from The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany were selected to join the MXGP Rookie project that was launched at the Olympic Sports Centre of Papendal (The Netherlands), with the Dutch Federation 'KMNV's Marcel Hartman as the Federation coach. The riders gathered to attend the first trial, "Pilot."

Program: all of the selected riders will get a program for a period of 4 months at Papendal Sport Centrum, with follows a system similar to other sports like Judo, Athletics, BMX and other individual and team sports. Many athletes prepare for the Olympic Games this way. The program consists of two months of physical training and after that, on-the-bike training is of course a big part of the program and will take place in Spain and The Netherlands.

On Monday, the riders and their parents and other supervisors were present for the explanation and of several support systems like Polar heart Rate Monitors, Sports database and Nutrition. School and homework will be guided, everyday, by specialists and teachers at Papendal. In this way these young athletes can continue their education program of their home country.

The target of this program is to organize on annual base training period in the Papendal Sports Centre for more selected young riders from all over the world. The purpose is to offer basic knowledge (in all aspects of sport), to introduce new methods of training, and to provide more opportunity to develop oneself via training at a world-class professional training centre such as Papendal. Of course the specific preparation for motocross and on-the-bike will be a big part of the program.