MXGP Awards Ceremony Winners

Maggiora, Italy hosted the MXGP Awards Ceremony this past weekend

The world's fastest motocross riders, as well as the biggest industry names, brands, and organizers gathered in Maggiora Park, the same venue where the Motocross of Nations will take place, for the annual MXGP Awards.

The award ceremony took place on top of the spectacular infrastructure that is built directly behind the start line, the Skybox Terrace, and was hosted by MXGP-TV personalities Paul Malin and Lisa Leyland.

Youthstream President Mr. Giuseppe Luongo and FIM President Mr. Vito Ippolito personally handed out the awards to the 2016 FIM Motocross World Champions Tim Gajser and Jeffrey Herlings, and to the industry award winners, although Tim Gajser couldn’t make it this evening after a crash in while practicing in Slovenia during the week has sidelined him this weekend, therefore the award was collected by the owner of Honda Gariboldi Mr. Giacomo Gariboldi.

MXGP Awards Ceremony 2016
MXGP Awards Ceremony 2016.Photo Courtesy of MXGP

Dr. Wolfgang Srb joined Mr. Luongo on stage to acknowledge the 2016 European Champions Edvards Bidzans, Rene Hofer, Emil Weckman, Jago Geerts, Mike Kras and Thomas Kjer Olsen, as well as the FIM Junior, WMX and VMX World Champions, Kirill Vorobyev, Rene Hofer, Jago Geerts, Livia Lancelot and Mats Nilsson.

In addition, Youthstream awarded the Journalist of the year, Pascal Haudiquert, Photographer of the year, Ray Archer, and the best digital platform, MX Vice. The 2016 EMX250 Champion Thomas Kjer Olsen was also awarded as the winner of the Jan de Groot award, an award that honors the most promising young talent.

Youthstream also donates €10,000 to the Wings for Life charity every year and this year the cheque was collected on behalf of the foundation by Heinz Kinigadner.

Tag Heuer’s Mr. Olivier Volery awarded Honda Gariboldi’s Tim Gajser and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jeffrey Herlings with an exquisite Tag Heuer watch each as the winners of the Tag Heuer Fastest Lap Competition, although Tim Gajser’s watch was collected by his team owner, Giacomo Gariboldi.

MXGP Awards Ceremony 2016
MXGP Awards Ceremony 2016.Photo Courtesy of MXGP

A Fox Head Europe representative also joined Mr. Luongo on stage to award Antonio Cairoli and Max Anstie with their checks for €10,000 and €5,000 as the winners of the Fox Holeshot competition.

Adding something extra special to the evening, some of the most celebrated names in motocross, David Bailey, Johnny O’Mara, Ricky Johnson, Stefan Everts, Jean-Michel Bayle, Michele Rinaldi, Harry Everts, Pit Beirer, Antonio Cairoli, Roger De Coster, Dave Thorpe, Dave Stijbos, Jacky Martens, James Dobb, Jacky Vimond, Heinz Kinigadner and Yves Demaria took to the stage as a token of appreciation to Giuseppe Luongo and all he has done for the sport. The champions, past and present, awarded Mr. Luongo, on behalf of the motocross world, with a silver plate for being the best promoter in the history of motocross. It was an emotional moment for Mr. Luongo who started out on his journey to becoming a pioneer of motocross right here in Maggiora as the promoter of the legendary 1986 Motocross of Nations. Teary eyed Mr. Luongo returned the thanks saying, “I was never a good rider, so I had to take a different path, but you are all fantastic riders and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here today, it would all still be just a dream, so it’s all of you I owe the thanks to.”

Wrapping up the awards, Jeffrey Herlings emerged from the darkness and through the crowd on the back of a Fiat Professional FULLBACK. He was dropped off at the stage where he collected his prizes for winning the FIM MX2 World Championship, a World Championship ring and a Tag Heuer watch.

MXGP Award Ceremony 2016
MXGP Award Ceremony 2016.Photo Courtesy of MXGP

And the awards go to:
MXGP Manufacturer World Champion: Honda
MX2 Manufacturer World Champion: KTM
WMX Manufacturer World Champion: Yamaha
MXGP Winning Team: Honda Gariboldi
MX2 Winning Team: Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
WMX Winning Team: Team One One Four
Mechanic of the Year: Team HRC's Roger Shenton, Junji Miyazaki, Toru Yukawa and Masaki Serizawa
Steve Bruhn Award Journalist of the year: Pascal Haudiquert
Photographer of the year: Ray Archer
"Jan De Groot" Award: Thomas Kjer Olsen
Motocross MXGP Best Cooperation: Americas, Charlotte
Motocross MXGP Best Race Track: Argentina, Neuquen
Motocross MXGP Best Media Center: Charlotte Speedway, USA
Motocross MXGP Best Paddock: The Netherlands, Assen
Motocross MXGP Best Promotion: The Netherlands, Assen
Motocross MXGP Best Infrastructure: The Netherlands, Assen
Wings For Life: Heinz Kinigadner
EMX 65 European Champion: Edvards Bidzans
EMX 85 European Champion: Rene Hofer
EMX 125 European Champion: Jago Geerts
EMX 150 Honda European Champion: Emil Weckman
EMX 250 European Champion: Thomas Kjer Olsen
EMX 300 European Champion: Mike Kras
65cc European Open Winner: Kirill Vorobyov
85 Junior World Champion: Rene Hofer
125 Junior World Champion: Jago Geerts
Veterans' World Cup Winner: Mats Nilsson
Women's World Champion: Livia Lancelot
TAG HEUER Best Lap Challenge: Tim Gajser and Jeffrey Herlings
FOX HOLESHOT Award: Antonio Cairoli and Max Anstie
Motocross MXGP Best Organizer: Switzerland, Frauenfeld-Gachnang
MX2 World Champion: Jeffrey Herlings
MXGP World Champion: Tim Gajser