Mud Riding Tip Off-Camber Corners with Cody Webb

Off-Road Riding Techniques, part 1 of 4 with KTM's Cody Webb

This article was originally featured in the August 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

FMF KTM Factory racer Cody Webb is an international luminary who has excelled in the gnarliest of racing venues. This year the multi-time EnduroCross and US Trials champion decided to make a run at the 2017 ISDE to represent the USA in France. During the final West Coast Sprint Enduro Qualifier held on the slick clay grounds of the Washougal MX complex, Webb captured the overall.

Here is how Webb breaks down some of the more challenging sections to carry momentum through the rain-soaked turf, trees, and elevation of Washougal.

I’m weighting the outside peg and easing on the throttle since I’m coming out of the long sweeper off-camber.Ben Baucum
Still weighting the outside peg with toes on the peg so I can grip the bike better. Getting more aggressive on the throttle as I exit the corner.Ben Baucum
Gave it too much throttle as I exited and the rear end let loose on me; got off the throttle some and a large majority of my weight is on the outside peg so the rear end is prevented from sliding out any further.Ben Baucum
Turned the bar the opposite direction to counteract the rear wheel letting loose. This is a flat-track maneuver, except I’m turning right not left [since flat-track tracks only turn left]. The rear end is about to catch since most of my weight is transferred down the left leg. When in doubt, throttle out!Ben Baucum
I got the bike back straight in control again. With the bike straight it’s okay to really get on it even in the slick conditions.Ben Baucum
My elbow’s down [even though it’s not supposed to be] since I’m fully pinned to the next corner.Ben Baucum

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