Mud Riding Tip Downhill Turns with Cody Webb

Off-Road Riding Techniques, part 2 of 4 with KTM's Cody Webb

This article was originally featured in the August 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

Cody Webb, Factory FMF KTM racer and multi-time EnduroCross and US Trials champion, shared these mud riding tips based on photos from the ISDE qualifier in Washougal. Webb won this event and went to France to represent the USA on a club team for 2017.

Here is how Webb breaks down some of the more challenging sections to carry momentum through the rain-soaked turf, trees, and elevation of Washougal.

Tight trees on a downhill can always be tricky because you don’t want to clip them and go flying over the bar. It’s always important to stand on the balls of your feet so you can more easily move the bike around underneath you. I’m turning the bar here to wiggle between the trees and adjusting my shoulders so I don’t slam into them.Ben Baucum
Notice how my body is in attack position and my head is level. I’m using my arms and legs to move the bike around below me and keeping my head level while looking ahead to where I want to go next.Ben Baucum
The downhill rut follows the chicane to the trees and my body has adjusted to weight the outside peg. Notice how my outside shoulder is raised with the elbow up. Body is in attack position with knees bent, and my personal rear end is to the outside of the bike. Head still level and looking to where the line takes me.Ben Baucum
I’m beginning to exit the slight left-handed chicane and really weighting the outside of the bike now as I begin to accelerate.Ben Baucum
The bike is straight after the corner and I’m on the throttle now to accelerate out of the chicane.Ben Baucum
I jumped out of some of the acceleration bumps as I prepare for what’s ahead. Notice how I’m on my toes and in the attack position, always ready for what’s to come.Ben Baucum

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