MTA Two-Stroke MX Championship

The Annual Race At Glen Helen Was Another Great Time

The seventh annual MTA Two Stroke Nationals took place March 26th at Glen Helen Raceway, and due to the fact that it was an off weekend for the Supercross series, a few top contenders came out to (pre) mix things up. With the open pro purse totaling $8,000 and the 125cc pro purse totaling $2,000, a lot of fast riders showed up such as Mike Alessi, Zach Osborne, Mike Brown, Scott Champion, Killy Rusk, Ryan Surratt, and Colton Haaker just to name a few. Mike Alessi went 1-1 in the open pro class followed by Scott Champion who went 2-3 and Zach Osborne finishing 4-2 for third overall. Osborne had a good time at the event but admitted that riding the two stroke wasn’t as fun as he imagined it would be, stating, “It’s hard work, it was fun for a few laps but once you really need to charge it takes so much effort.” Mike Alessi said that he enjoyed racing two strokes and thinks that if they came back, there would be better racing, fewer injuries, and would keep the cost of racing down overall. The 125 pro class was won by Ryan Surratt going 1-1. Surratt had a dominant moto one, but just edged out a late race charge by Justin Hoeft in moto 2. Hoeft went 2-2 for second overall and was followed by Robbie Wageman who went 3-3 for the final podium spot. The event was a complete success, and a good time was had by all, bringing back old memories (and smells) for some, and making new memories for others.

Mike Alessi at Glen Helen
Mike Alessi leads Sean Collier and Zach Osborne around a Glen Helen corner.Michael Allen



  1. Mike Alessi, Suz
  2. Scott Champion, Yam
  3. Zach Osborne, Hus
  4. Ryan Surratt, Yam
  5. R.J. Wageman, Yam
  6. Sean Collier, Kaw
  7. Austin Howell, Hus
  8. Colton Haaker, Hus
  9. Stuart Edmonds, TM
  10. Killy Rusk, Yam


  1. Ryan Surratt, Yam
  2. Justin Hoeft, Yam
  3. Robbie Wageman, Yam
  4. Mike Brown, Hus
  5. Timmy Weigand, Hus
  6. Michael Blose, Suz
  7. Kristoffer Palm, Suz
  8. Shaun Rhinehart, Yam
  9. Matt Smith, Kaw
  10. Casey Casper, KTM