MSR Hydro Packs – Product Of The Week

All new hydration packs from MSR for motocross and off-road riding

A2 bladder
A2 Hydro Pack.Photo By Sean Klinger

MSR Hydro Pack

$79.95 – 124.95

This week we have MSR’s new line of hydration packs that were introduced just this last Monday. There are four models in the hydration pack line – starting with the smallest, the H1 (not shown) is for short rides/races only since it has a minimal 17-ounce fluid capacity. Next is the XC with 2 liters of fluid, the A2 with a 3-liter capacity and finally the A4 with a 3-liter capacity and extra storage for tools and supplies.

The H1 has a unique Velcro closure and MSR says that it is best used under the jersey since it is so small. It also comes with the straight handsfree bite valve, rather than the 45 degree valve, so it can be up right in your helmet. It also has disposable, recyclable bladders for quick changes.

The other three (XC, A2, and A4) have a four-point harness system with a single, round snap-style closure in the center of the chest. For one, it is convenient to have just one closure to secure. Second, the rounded snap can pivot so no matter how you adjust it, the closure will self-adjust. Each of the four straps has a certain amount of firm stretch that keeps constant tension, therefore keeping the pack from bouncing around. We’ll put some time on these and you’ll see a full test in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Hydro Packs
Here are three of the four new hydro packs (H1 not shown). As you can see, there are different sizes for different rider's needs.Photo By Sean Klinger
Rounded snap
The single rounded snap closure in the front is doubly efficient. It is convenient to have just one closure instead of chest and waist snaps. Plus, it's rounded design allows it to pivot when snapped, keeping the pack in place no matter how big or small it is adjusted.Photo By Sean Klinger
Here is the 3-liter bladder of the A2. All bladders are included.Photo By Sean Klinger
A4 inside
The A4 pack has a ton of cargo space. The main compartment can hold bigger items while the two smaller compartments can hold more fragile or often-needed items.Photo By Sean Klinger
Each of the four straps has a firm elastic section that acts as "suspension" for the bag. You can snugg it down tight and the straps stretch or contract to accommodate all of the different riding positions.Photo By Sean Klinger