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Take a look at some cool new gear and parts.

MOTOREX Air Filter Cleaning Kit: $122.50

Motorex Cleaning Kit
motorexusa.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

We all know this is one of the most important maintenance tasks that a rider can do, but just because it is important doesn’t make cleaning air filters any more fun. And we should also note that this MOTOREX Air Filter Cleaning Kit doesn’t make it fun either, but it does make it way easier. Once you get the system set up, it makes cleaning, oiling, and drying air filters pretty painless - it even comes with gloves to keep your pretty paws clean. By utilizing the solvent tub and oiling tub, you can leave the cleaner and extra oil in the tub to reuse and just refill as needed. It also has grease to make sure the cleaned and oiled filter has a good seal.

System Tech Racing Off-Road Front Disk Guard: $184.95 (carbon fiber)

System Tech Racing Disk Guard
systemtechracing.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Front rotor protection is important for off-road riding, even more so if you ride in really rocky terrain such as the Rocky Mountains, which is where this front disk guard comes from. System Tech Racing created this disk protector to be burlier yet lighter than most of the plastic over-the-fork-leg style protectors. STR’s version replaces the left wheel spacer and is actually mounted to the inside of the left fork leg. The edges are wrapped in replaceable plastic so if you do bash into a lot of rocks over a long period of time you can just swap out the plastic parts rather than getting a new guard.

Arai VX-Pro4 Barcia Green Frost Helmet: $739.95

Arai VX-Pro4
araiamericas.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

The VX-Pro4 was released a few years ago and was an evolution of the VX-Pro3 which had been Arai’s flagship moto helmet for quite some time. All major helmet companies work hard at making the best possible head protection, but they all have their own theories and their own reasons for making helmets the way that they do. One of Arai’s main ideals is that rounder is better and the VX-Pro4 retains a very round shell shape. Yet when you look at it, you can see all of the vents and plastic pieces sticking out all over, yet they are designed to sheer off in a crash, not catch dirt and twist the helmet. One other thing that sets Arai apart is there custom rider’s editions. Here is the latest design that was created for JGR/Yamaha rider Justin Barcia.

DeCal Works Backgrounds: Starting at $39.95

DeCal Works
decalmx.comPhoto By Kris Keefer

Have you ever been half way through applying graphics to your bike wishing that you could pay some kid to do it for you. Well, if you did that, you would be out some extra money and would probably have a really crappy looking bike. But, if you gave that money to a professional, say, someone who worked at DeCal Works, you could have a fresh set of backgrounds pre-installed on numberplate plastics delivered right to your door! Sure it cost more than just plain backgrounds but what is your time and peace of mind really worth?

Bolt Motorcycle Hardware YZF Airbox Dzus Eliminator: $9.99

Bolt Motorcycle Hardware
boltmotorcyclehardware.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Tool-less air box access is cool, but not if your bike’s air box becomes suddenly accessible during a race. We haven’t had this happen, but we’ve heard of the Dzus fasteners becoming unfastened on the 2014, 2015, and 2016 YZ-Fs because of rider’s legs catching them. Interestingly enough, it was a big enough problem that Yamaha changed the shape of the plastic on the 2017 air box cover so the D rings on the Dzus fasteners are more protected. But for older models, you can just swap the Dzus’s for standard 8mm bolts. They aren’t tool-less, but they are leg proof.