Motorex Fork Oil Now Comes in 4W Viscosity

New fork oils provide new suspension tuning technology

Motorex Racing Fork Oil now has '3D Response Technology'.Photo Courtesy of Motorex

Fork oils have to meet a wide range of requirements aside from optimum impact and vibration absorption without starting to foam and fade. They also need to reliably prevent corrosion and protect the seals. With its new Racing Fork Oil, Motorex supplies a whole range of fork oils in finely graduated viscosities setting completely new performance standards. By way of selective changes in the oil’s molecular structure, the Motorex research and development department in Langenthal, Switzerland optimized and balanced the very characteristics that help a suspension system deliver optimum performance and feedback. The special molecular structure of the oil ensures that impact forces are no longer diverted along a zig-zag path like an accordion, but through a multi-level three-dimensional molecular grid structure instead. The Motorex 3D Response Technology takes its name from this three-dimensional structure of the new molecular composition.

Key fork oil qualities include: the lowest possible friction coefficients to let the fork stanchions glide smoothly and achieve a sensitive response through minimal breakaway torque, optimum air and oil separation performance which is critical in minimizing foaming, and maximum thermal and shear stability to avoid viscosity degradation. This perfectly harmonized triad of partly contradicting characteristics is the greatest strength of the Motorex 3D Response Technology.

The Motorex Racing Lab also developed an additional 4W RACING FORK OIL for the 4CS, AER and Xplor forks by WP. The 4W fully complies with the specifications indicated by the WP’s fork design. This high-tech oil is a contributing factor in realizing the forks’ full performance potential.

Motorex Racing Fork Oil is now available in six different viscosities, distinguished by minimal viscosity change.

Fork Oil Viscosity Part Number Old Formulation (Centistrokes) New Formulation (Centistrokes) Retail Price
2.5W 154035 15.1 14.5 $19.50
4W 154038 NA 16.0 $19.50
5W 153944 22.6 23.0 $19.50
7.5W 154041 35.9 34.5 $19.50
10W 154042 52.5 49.5 $19.50
15W 153946 69.8 72.0 $19.50

These finely graduated viscosity grades allow the user to exactly comply with motorcycle and fork manufacturers’ fork specifications and allow the user to finely tune their forks to their individual preferences. They are the ideal basis for finding the perfect set-up – be it for off-road, for the race track or for the street. Motorex Racing Fork Oil is available at well-stocked dealers in the award-winning Motorex 1-liter bottle.