MotoPumps Mini Pro Tire Inflator Review

DR Tested

MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator

Mini Pro Tire Inflator $69.99 Basic Kit; $79.99 Deluxe Kit w/ Neoprene Case

Designed by OHV enthusiasts, MotoPumps’ Mini Pro Tire Inflator is a compact, 12-volt-powered air pump that is applicable for adventure riders but works great for trackside use as well. The unit features a built-in LED work light and is powered via a cigarette lighter plug or alligator clamps, and it can be hard-wired into a vehicle as well. MotoPumps states that its Inflator can be used to top off suspension components, but with the backlit pressure gauge only rated to 50 psi, it lacks the capacity for high-pressure air forks and is best used for tire fills.

The Mini Pro Tire Inflator is so compact (it easily fits in a truck door compartment) and lightweight (just 18 ounces), it almost feels cheap; however, regular use revealed zero flaws in the build quality of this tool. With a 6-and-a-half-foot power cord and a coiled air hose that stretches over 3 feet, this setup won’t reach from a truck’s cab to the tailgate when using an interior cigarette lighter plug, so some moving of the bike is necessary when setting tire pressure first thing in the morning. Setting up the Mini Pro Inflator takes a minute or two (plus, most trucks require the vehicle’s key to be turned to power these outlets), so it’s not the best option for pit stops or fills where speed is of the essence.

I was pleased to find that the gauge on my Mini Pro Inflator was spot-on when cross-checked with a high-end digital gauge for accuracy, and the tire didn’t register any significant loss from the screw-type chuck on the hose. One of my favorite things about this product was that after changing a flat at the track, I could attach and activate the Mini Pro Inflator and leave it for about three minutes to pop the bead while I put my tire tools away. I used this unit a handful of times on my truck tires but found that I ran out of patience faster than it could pump up to +40 psi in a large volume tire. While I personally feel that this unit is a little too bulky for trailside use, its convenience at the truck made it something I continually reach for.

DR Tested Rated: 88
Function 46/50
Portability 7/10
Durability 18/20
Design 8/10
Price 9/10
Contact:, (607) 533-9985