Motool Releases Auto Zero Slacker and Software Upgrade Option

The digital sag scale doesn't need your bike on a stand

Slacker Auto Zero, sag scale, motool
Slacker + Auto Zero from Motool allows you to measure sag without putting your bike on a stand.Photo Courtesy of Motool

Motool, the maker of the world’s only digital sag scale, just released a new Auto Zero Slacker which allows the tool to be used without placing the bike on a stand. It is also available as a software upgrade to existing users through a new upgrade program that allows users to send their old Slacker in to get it upgraded.

The new Auto Zero feature allows you to place Slacker in a learning mode so it can learn where the zero point is when the bike is lifted. All you do is hold the backlight button for 5 seconds to place it in Auto Zero mode then lift the bike to unload the suspension and Slacker will find the zero point for you. The tool will mark the furthest extension of the cable as the zero point so you can assure you are starting with the suspension unloaded. It still functions identically to the original Slacker but with this nice added feature.

“We developed this feature for street bikes initially but quickly found ourselves using this for off-road bikes as well. I love it for doing multiple bike setups since I don’t have to lift the bikes on and off stands all day. It also simplifies the process if you are taking measurements alone as you can just roll the bike by the van, Auto Zero the unit and take the measurement all in the same place.” John Casebeer- President, Motool Inc.

Slacker is a purpose built system that allows a person to quickly and easily make precise adjustments to their bike’s suspension with or without assistance. It was developed over the course of two years with input from industry leaders like Factory Connection, Pro Circuit, MMI and MB1 Suspension to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the tool.