Motool Joins the Rockwell/Nuclear Blast/PHNX Racing Team

The team is embracing the cutting edge technology in the Motool Slacer V2 digital sag scale

The Rockwell/Nuclear Blast/PHNX Racing team has joined forces with Motool and will exclusively use the Slacker V2 digital sag scale.Photo Courtesy of Motool

Rockwell/Nuclear Blast/PHNX Racing embraces the technology that the new Motool Slacker V2 digital sag scale has to offer through Motool and will join forces with the brand. The ease, accuracy and speed of the tool made this relationship a no-brainer for the team.

This is PHNX Racing’s first year but they are showing great maturity in their ability to field top riders like Zac Commans and Trevor Reis. Owner Ryan Clark has great vision for this team as well as the sport and embraces new technologies like the Slacker digital sag scale as a way to make the team more competitive and efficient and give them more time to focus on the big picture-winning races. With Slacker, their bike setup is always on point and consistent.

The new Slacker V2 features a host of new features and hardware updates. It now has a great Auto Zero feature which allows you to take measurements without a stand by placing it in the Auto Zero mode and simply lifting the bike. It is also more accurate than when using a stand to unload the suspension. There are many hardware upgrades as well including the new, more supple retractable cable material, new magnet to accommodate axle inserts for Ti and oversize axles and fresh new look. The new Slacker V2 is being produced at a new production plant and is even better quality than the originals, the action is super smooth and these are even more accurate when using the Auto Zero mode.