For the fifth consecutive year, Craig Thompson summoned all of SRT Husqvarna's riders for the Team SRT Challenge. It was held in Central California this year, though the early spring conditions made the two-day event feel very un-California-like. With guys like Cory Graffunder, Trystan Hart, and Kyle Redmond on the squad, SRT definitely has some heavy hitters, but it's "Wild" Wally Palmer who makes the show doubly entertaining.

While Thompson uses the event to ostensibly gather everyone together for team photos, the Challenge is the main focus. Over the two days, everyone ran through seven “special tests.” Day one included five laps of a circle-rut track, a lap of a motocross-type track, a lap on a European grass-track-style “grand prix” course, and a man-on-man elimination-style drag race. Day two featured two point-to-point enduro tests followed by an observed trials section on mountain trails not far from Yosemite National Park. After that, it was time to just ride until snow made the trail impassable, followed by an awards presentation at a local pizza joint.

It was hard to believe you were in California when you pulled up to the gate of the private compound SRT had secured for the first day.Mark Kariya
This type of grass track is normally only seen in Europe. You wouldn’t expect to find it near Fresno!Mark Kariya
Canadian Joe Bartziokas heads from the pits to the riders’ meeting. He’ll have to wait for the third “challenge” to have a go at the grass track.Mark Kariya
Team owner Craig Thompson conducts the riders’ meeting with first-year team member and GNCC specialist Evan Smith from Georgia standing by as a presentation aid.Mark Kariya
From left: Trystan Hart, Cory Graffunder, Austin Wells. and Kyle Redmond dive into the task of applying SRT stickers in the correct places on their Shoei VFX-EVO helmets.Mark Kariya
Desert specialist Ryan Smith looked pretty good in the circle-rut challenge.Mark Kariya
The sole female on the team, Ryann Bradley chose to ride only a few challenges. As the last-place finisher from last year’s event, she had to don what was left of the pink Princess Knievel jumpsuit when she rode.Mark Kariya
Looking out from a shed on the property, whose owner lives on top of the hill, rides, and even paraglides from the house.Mark Kariya
NorCal hare scrambles racer J.T. Baker takes his turn on the motocross track test.Mark Kariya
Thompson skirts along the sidehill portion of the grass track in the grand prix challenge.Mark Kariya
“Don’t bother me—I’m eating!” Morgan Crawford and Bradley take a lunch break after the grand prix challenge.Mark Kariya
The final matchup in the dead-engine drag race eliminations pitted two-time past champ Graffunder (118) and defending champ Redmond (7) with Graffunder getting away quickest for the win.Mark Kariya
With some time to kill before the head shots scheduled for later in the afternoon, Redmond (left) and Graffunder fine-tuned the circle-rut track.Mark Kariya
How many guys can you fit in a circle-rut track?Mark Kariya
Then, the shenanigans really ensued! Look carefully and you’ll see that “Wild” Wally Palmer is trying a creative method to lean farther without leg interference.Mark Kariya
That didn’t work well.Mark Kariya
Likewise, returning to the counterclockwise direction but with passenger Bartziokas also proved entertaining, but eventually unsuccessful.Mark Kariya
Palmer attempts another unique cornering method.Mark Kariya
Riding with both feet over the handlebar may have loaded the front end too much.Mark Kariya
In typical Palmer fashion, he got right back up and kept on riding.Mark Kariya
Leave it to Wally to try this creek jump that had not nearly enough run-up. No, he didn’t make it—though he came crushingly close.Mark Kariya
Evan Smith eases into the observed trials challenge.Mark Kariya
When all the times/scores were added, Graffunder got to hoist the Team SRT Challenge trophy for the third time since the “competition” began in 2014.Mark Kariya