Moto Hose Hose Kit and T-Hose Review

American made cooling system hoses for your bike.

This article was originally featured in the September 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

Moto Hose KTM Off-Road Radiator Hose Kit, Hose Kit And T-HoseDirt Rider Staff

There are certain parts on a motorcycle that are hard to improve, and even if they are improved, a mere mortal could never tell a difference in performance. That being said, there are plenty of parts on a dirt bike that when changed can enhance the look of the machine as well as make the bike easier to work on. Moto Hose’s KTM Off-Road Hose Kit comes with every hose necessary to replace all coolant hoses, as well as an overflow hose and a gas tank breather.

According to Moto Hose, extensive testing showed there is a very slight performance gain in coolant flow efficiency with the silicone hoses as well as looking great and offering more strength than stock hoses. It offers hose kits in the color of your choice and provides detailed instructions for installation.

I got the Hose Kit for our 2017 KTM 250 SX-F and was pleased with the quality of the American-made product. Installation was a bit tricky due to the fact that the KTM "T" hose runs through the frame, is two pieces, and must be unthreaded to get the stock "T" out. In doing so I destroyed the bottom part of the stock joint with pliers because it technically calls for a special KTM removal tool that I don't own (this has nothing to do with Moto Hose). This didn't matter since it was being replaced with the new Moto Hose joint, but note to readers: Using a propane torch to heat the threads as well as a 3/8-inch extension in the bottom of the hose will work from what I've been told (or just buy the KTM tool).

Once the new “T” joint was in I was able to reinstall the radiators. I had to cut down the right side of the new “T” joint because the hose was a little long, but a razor blade makes quick work of that. After eight-plus hours on the hose kit I’ve had zero issues, and the blue color still looks like new. If you’re looking for an American-made product that will make your bike look trick, give Moto Hose a call.

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