More Off-Road Control with AltRider's DualControl Brake System for Honda Africa Twin

The DualControl Brake System offers rider more control off the pavement

For those of you looking to take your 2016-17 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin off the beaten path (who wouldn't?) then you will be stoked to know that AltRider has a new device, the DualControl Brake System, which offers you better control over your rear brake lever in both seated and standing positions, which makes it an ideal upgrade for your off-road adventures.

AltRider's DualControl Brake System for Honda Africa Twin
AltRider's DualControl Brake System provides quick access to the Africa Twin's rear brake, no matter what position the rider is in.Dirt Rider

“Most ADV riders change their foot position as they switch between standing and sitting,” explained AltRider Founder Jeremy LeBreton. “If your foot is not situated properly on the rear brake pedal, you’re potentially doubling reaction time and stopping distance, which can be especially hazardous when riding off-road. The DualControl Brake System aims to correct that problem so riders can maintain control over the rear brake at all times.”

AltRider’s patent-pending DualControl Brake System features two pieces to help enhance a rider’s control and reaction time: a riser and an enlarger plate. When a rider transitions from a seated position to a standing position, the change in angle tends to bring the front of the foot higher and further away from the rear brake lever. The riser was designed to provide quick access to the rear brake, no matter what position the rider is in.

The enlarger plate was designed to combat the effects of off-road terrain on the rider’s footpeg position. This piece provides a greater surface area to minimize slips or misses in bumpy riding conditions. With both pieces installed, the DualControl Brake System helps Africa Twin riders improve reaction time and control over the rear brake lever.

AltRider DualControl Brake System for Honda Africa Twin
The AltRider DualControl Brake System is 100% engineered and manufactured in the US. The riser and enlarger are offered separately or as a kit and are available in a silver or black finish.Dirt Rider

Features Include:

  • Patent pending design
  • 25.4mm tall riser is constructed of billet aluminum
  • Billet aluminum enlarger plate is precision fit to the Africa Twin
  • Replaceable grip pins provide traction in all conditions
  • Riser and enlarger available separately or as a kit
  • Installs easily with included stainless steel hardware
  • Available in silver or black finish
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the USA

AltRider DualControl Brake Systems are available at and through authorized AltRider dealers.

Watch AltRider's video that explains the DualControl Brake System: