Moose Foam-It Pressurized Sprayer Review

We find out if Foam-It makes washing bikes quicker and easier

Moose Pressurized Sprayer
$49.95 2-Liter Foam-It, $14.95/six-pack Dirt Foam packs

Other than perhaps OCD-inflicted mechanics, not many riders like washing bikes, including me. Anything that can make that process quicker and easier I'm all about. That's why I grabbed Moose's Foam-It to see what it could do.

Foam-It is a pressurized sprayer that has a pump on top and a nozzle that sprays foam in a flat fan pattern to uniformly coat your bike with cleaner. Why not just spray cleaner on a bike like usual? Well, I am no physicist or scientist or even that smart, but I can say that foam clings to a bike longer and uses less cleaner than just spraying on a thin liquid cleaner that will drip off.

First off, Foam-It is easy to use; just pump the top and spray. You do have to pump it up two or three times to get a whole bike covered in foam. The fan spray of the nozzle makes short work of saturating a dirty machine. It is also small enough to easily carry around and store almost anywhere.

The downside is the foam cleaner itself. While being pretty economic and ecologically sound (no bottles to throw away), the Dirt Foam from Moose didn’t have the dirt-stripping power I was hoping for. After a five-minute soak I washed a couple of bikes without the pressure washer to see how well the cleaner worked. There was still a bit of dirt residue that a pressure washer or scrub brush would easily remove, but the foam alone with a standard hose didn’t cut it. Also, I’m being super lazy here but it’s in the name of science.

The silver lining is that the Foam-It turns any cleaner into foam! That’s right—use whichever trusted bike wash you have handy and foam away.

Rated 81

Application 20/20
Function 37/50
Durability 9/10
Environmental 9/10
Price 6/10