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A fresh batch of sweet motocross and off-road goods!

Moose Racing Storage Stand: $99.95

Moose Stand
mooseracing.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Since we all have to take a tool box and a stand to the track, Moose says, “Why not combine them?” The Storage Stand is pretty much just that. It takes the unused space under a bike stand and utilizes it as a tool box with three compartments. We aren’t saying that this is the best, most organized way to keep all of your tools, but we can see it being a convenient place for a can of chain lube, air fork pump, tire gauge, etc. Just the stuff you know that you will use every time you ride. Downsides we can see right off the bat is that it does make for a very heavy bike stand and you can’t use the stand upside down as a boot or gas can holder in your truck or trailer.

EVS Sports T5 Helmet Blue/HI Viz Yellow: $109

EVS Helmet
evs-sports.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

It is easy to look at a helmet’s price tag and right it off as not worthy of your attention, but we beg to differ. First off, the T5 Works Helmet is held to the same standards as any other helmet and is DOT and ECE certified. Secondly, at Dirt Rider we look at protective gear this way: The faster and more frequent you ride, the more protection you should consider. Lastly, helmets are single use items (after a crash, it’s trash) and you don’t want a helmet that is so expensive you can’t bring yourself to throw it away. The T5 is looks like a pretty good option for the casual rider with the style of much pricier lids.

REC MX Yamaha Billet Clutch Cable Guide: $38.95

rec-mx.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Everyone wants smooth, precise, and strong clutch feel and a lot of riders replace their bike’s stock clutch plates, springs, and baskets to give them the feel that they want. That is all well and good, but if your bike’s stock clutch cable guide flexes every time you pull the lever, you might not be getting all the benefit of a new clutch. And even for a stock clutch, a stiffer, more stable guide is beneficial. And that is exactly what this guide is designed to be. We haven’t mounted this guy up to any of our Yamahas yet but that is the plan. The next time you cruise down the Supercross pits, look and see how many factory bikes have beefed up, aluminum clutch guides.

Liqui Moly Motorbike Speed Additive: $See your local dealer

Liqui Moly
liqui-moly.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

First, Liqui Moly is a global company and though they are selling products in the US and have for a long time, they lost the motorcycle vs. motorbike debate a long time ago. All of their product that has to do with two-wheels says motorbike on the packaging because that is what the rest of the world calls motorcycles.

Secondly, their Speed Additive is not an octane booster, which most fuel additives that claim to offer performance gains are. Speed Additive is actually a fuel atomizer, among other things, that helps the fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. Performance gains are claimed to be seen as an overall boost in power, a cleaner running engine, and easier starting. Speed Additive is also claimed to help protect your engine as well. According to Liqui Moly this product is safe and recommended for all sizes of dirt bikes, two- and four-stroke. We are intrigued by this product and will be using it soon to see how much boost it really gives us.