PA track under threat

We just got this e-mail and wanted to pass it a long to you .

High Voltage needs everyone's help and this is serious! Criminal charges are being filed against the High Voltage MX Park for a Criminal/Public Nuisance. Yes, criminal charges! The district attorney is involved and trying to close down the MX Park. Our tax dollars are being used for the so-called neighbors to do this and it's costing the track thousands of dollars. The township approved MX Park used to be a go-cart racetrack, there is neither zoning nor ordinances against it.

I am asking everyone for there help and support by writing letters to the county commissioners, state representative and senators. Any track owners, please if you have ever gone through any similar situation please e-mail me at with any information possible. There is a state law (Pa Crimes Code 6504 Criminal/Public Nuisance) that could essentially shut down any business etc. If this goes through and becomes case law, it could start a closing of a number of race facilities regardless of grandfather laws, zoning laws etc...

After talking with the AMA, this is the first case that they have ever heard of do to the criminal aspect of it. Please send a letter to all of the following addresses and again please take the time to give a brief opinion to save High Voltage MX Park by explaining in a nice way the family aspect of the sport, the dedication it takes, stress how it helps keep kids off the street and riding in controlled save environments, the economic value to the area and the waste on tax dollars being used to shut down a needed legal business and come election time we will remember etc...

Please send your polite letters to:

Armstrong County Commissioners
450 East Market St
Kittanning, Pa 16201
Attn: Rich Fink, Patty Kirpatrick, James Scahill
State Representative: Jeff Coleman
900 Fourth Ave
Ford City, Pa 16226
State Senator: Don White
101 Market St.
Kittanning, Pa 16201
Send copy of letter to:
High Voltage MX Park
RD2 Box 247
Ford City, Pa 16226

Thank you for your time and help and spread the word and feel free to post the above info to get everyone involved! thank you, HVMXP!