new products seen at Indy

It may have been literally freezing outside, but the plethora of new goodies to behold at the 2004 Dealer Expo was more than enough to make most forget about the climate outside. Packed into the cavernous Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome were thousands of companies catering to every spectrum of motorcycling.We spent the better part of two days wondering around the maze to find the latest and greatest in the dirt world. And so you won't have to wait three months to see in the magazine, here is a sampling of the products coming to dealers near you.

Yes that's a liquid cooled 4-valved, 50cc engine hanging under the perimeter frame.
Pure art - the hand made Synergy Q450 carbon fiber framed, 60 hp Super Motard bike. The company plans to make about 100. They'll hit the UK super motard circuit first and then maybe cross the pond to the US.
Something old in the mix of new...and we're not really talking about Malcolm Smith. This is his '82 Husky 430 that he bought back at BRC's fund raising auction at Indy.
This is just one of the many Hydropak drink systems. The Air Scoop Team, which has a Lycra shell that you can get your sponsor logos put on.
Okay, so it's not a new product. But what a head turning display - the Scorpian helmet guys, who also had a few live versions safely displayed in a glass case, had this metal work of art enhancing their room.
Troy Lee shows off one of his helmet new paint schemes - this is the Team USA MX des Nation replica.
One of the many new tires debuting, the Maxxis M7307 Maxxcross, a new sand/mud tire that GNCC regualrs will likely see mounted on Scott Summers' CRF this year.
Not something you see every day - a new dual-sport tire! These are Michelin's AC10's.
The latest from AXO - vented Type R pants and Team Issue AIR jersey and the RC-6 boots.