Natl Enduro news

Tension was high at the second to last round of the National Enduro series at Clinton, South Carolina as Mike Lafferty set out to clinch his sixth title. The riders knew it was going to be a long day as the temperature was near 80 by 9:00am along with very high humidity and nearly 90 miles of trail.A 16 mile open woods section would start the day and as always the contenders were easy to spot. Lafferty, Hawk and Raines (riding on Hawkins row with no timing equipment) came out quickest with one's, while many others had two points. Section two was another 16 miler, and once again Raines and Hawk carded one's, Lafferty a two and the rest were three's and up.The first gas followed and by looking around the pits it was obvious that the heat was starting to take its toll. But the race must go on and a 18 mile test would take the riders in to gas two, as Raines came out with a two, Lafferty and Hawk had three's, while Hawkins and Jenks continued their battle with four's.With two section's left Lafferty and Hawk needed to get after Raines, but it was not to be, as Raines zeroed the next 14 mile piece, Lafferty and Hawk had two's, Hawkins and Jenks slid in to three's. An eight-mile A-rider only section would finish it and to the surprise of many, Hawkins and Raines came in right together one point down, Lafferty would match but Hawk and Jenks slipped in at two.Raines would claim the victory for the day but Lafferty would claim his sixth national enduro championship, tying Hawkins for third on the all time win list behind Bill Baird with seven and Dick Burleson with eight.National Enduro Series Round 9 Top ten finishers: