Brazil's beaches, sand dunes and mountains challenge U.S. team during the grueling six-days of competition.A one-hour documentary of 78th annual International Six Days Enduro airs February 11th at 12:00PM eastern and west coast time and again on February 12th at 1:00PM on the Outdoor Life Network. Check out for details and additional airings. JAL Productions, a Los-Angeles based film production company in conjunction with Cox Media Projects, an Isle of Man, UK based production company, partnered with Outdoor Life Network (OLN) to bring the thrills and excitement of championship off-road racing to US TV audiences."There's no greater off-road action than ISDE racing, and our new show captures all the excitement of this exotic version of the event" said Dick Lague, executive producer, JAL Productions. "Imagine riding through some of the most grueling terrain in the world for over 200 miles each day, for six consecutive days. We caught it all from Barry Hawk's first special test disaster to Stefan Everts in the Supermoto. The heat, the sand the incredibly fast pace make this a great show. We have great helicopter and helmet cam shots that along with the footage from six other cameras makes this a must see show. We're delighted that OLN will be giving their viewers an exclusive chance to come along for an unforgettable ride."The show gets inside access to the US GNCC World Trophy team, Junior Trophy Team and Club Teams from around the country. Physically exhausting and mentally grueling, the ISDE in Brazil led racers through terrain that most have never experienced-a tough combination of soft, powdery sand, jungle, beaches, dusty trails, and mountains make for especially challenging racing. This is only the second time the ISDE has been run in the southern hemisphere. Past ISDE competitions have primarily been held in Europe, with two hosted in the United States.The JAL/Cox production team combines top camera and writing talent from the United Kingdom and the United States. Utilizing six cameras as well as on-board and helmet cameras the team also shares a passion for motorcycling.Veteran motor journalist and former motorcycle magazine publisher Bruce Cox serves as director and chief writer and Dick Lague, former president of the Petersen Motorcycle Group of magazines and partner in public relations and marketing firm The Brandware Group serves as executive producer. Seasoned off-road rider and JAL Production founder Jeff Lague is assistant director and production manager. Internationally acclaimed motorcycle photographer Joe Bonnello interviewed the riders and narrates the show. Motojournalist Mark Kariya is also part of the team, as are UK cameraman David Cox and US cameramen David Courtice and Jon Lague. The same team also produced the 2002 ISDE documentary, filmed in the Czech Republic and produced exclusively for OLN.Logistics support in the form of transportation and camera bikes were provided by KTM Sportcycles. Promotional consideration and logistics help were provided by Acerbis Plastica Spa.This is the second year that Outdoor Life Network has teamed up with JAL/COX to produce a documentary on the ISDE for US television audiences. The program is part of the network's plan to expand their off-road adventure coverage. OLN is a 24-hour cable network available in over 45 million homes, is the leading source for television coverage of outdoor adventure sports and outdoor leisure recreation.