In Vegas, starts are everything. Here, Reed practices his starts to try and better his position in the first turn.
NYK waits for his turn to practice.
The Corba's speed was impressive Friday night. He got start and gapped the rest of the field. This could be just the confidance booster he needed before supercross.
Chad Reed's factory YZ250
Team Suzuki is in the beginning stages of development with their all-new RMZ250F. Broc Heplers works thumper had one of the smallest cans we've ever seen on a four-stroke. The Yosh unit is cut down to enhance the bottom end performance.
RC's CR250R gets a quick rebuild before Saturday's practice session.
Saturday's 125 practice in staging.
Ramsey and Bundy make some last second changes to the mighty CRF.
Chad Reed's style is text book. There is a reason he pays even money.
Chad Reed aims for Suzuki's latest edition to the team, Nick Wey.
RC pins it in the first practice session.
Tyler Evans came to Vegas representing the 909 in full-effect. Here is the new One Punch wagon, backed by Fasst Co.
KTM's Grant Langston and Zack Osborne talk shop. Langston later hurt his shoulder when he crashed in the whoops during practice.
Carmichael sets up for a tight corner mid flight.
Tim "wee man" Weigand ponders why he is so short.