US Open Results

Cobra Strikes Gold In Sin City
250 Results 1 David Vuillemin YAM
2 Chad Reed YAM
3 Ricky Carmicaheal HON
4 Mike LaRocco HON
5 Ernesto Fonseca HON
6 Josh Demuth YAM
7 Grant Langston KTM
8 Nick Wey SUZ
9 Jason Thomas HON
10 Nathan Ramsey HON
11 Ryan Clark YAM
12 Andrew Short SUZ
125 Results1 Chris Gosselaar HON
2 Troy Adams YAM
3 Kelly Smith YAM
4 Andrew Short SUZ
5 Broc Helper SUZ
6 Mike Brown SUZ
7 Ryan Mills HON
8 Steve Mertens YAM
9 Tim Weigand YAM
10 Michael Blose YAM
11 Steve Boniface SUZ
12 Brock Sellards YAM
13 Greg Schnell YAM
14 Tommy Hofmaster YAM
15 Daniel Blair YAM
16 Shane Lusk HON
Sellards and Boniface tangled on the first lap and hit hard in the rhythm section and both riders left the track with what looked to be serious arm injuries.85cc Results1 Dominic Izzi SUZ
2 Zach Osborne KTM
3 Jeff Alessi HON
4 Sean Hackley KAW
5 Broc Tickle HON
6 Joshua R. Hill YAM
7 Ryan Dungey HON
8 William Duffy Jr. SUZ
9 Michael D. Picone SUZ
10 Will Hahn HON
11 Devon Pilkington SUZ
12 Trey Canard KAW
13 Drew Gosselaar SUZ
After coming through the pack to top the entire 85cc field in the first moto, Jeff Alessi made a serious pilot error and was forced to eject over the handlebars, landing feet first into the landing of the triple. He was taken of the track in a stretcher with what looked like serious injuries. We send our best wishes to Jeff and family, and hope all is well for the very talented young rider.