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Michael's Action Art
Signed Prints
Too old for posters on the wall? Hang art. These limited-edition rider-signed prints by Michael Petersen can really class up the place and still give you that "can't wait to ride again" feeling. For $200-$400 depending on size, these prints are way too nice for the garage.Nuetech
TUbeliss Core

Tubes are for squares, even though they're round. Go tubeless on your bike right now for $99.95.
714.998.1021Dubach Racing Development
Radiator Lowering Kit for CRF450R

Bring down the weight of your CRF without losing an ounce. Say what? Bring it down-as in lower-for $49.99.
Works Z Rear Sprocket

Why pay more for less? Makes sense when it's less weight for an $89.50 long-lasting stainless steel rear sprocket from Sunstar.
937.743.9049Twin Air
Carbon Subframe/Airbox
An airbox should be as light as air, right? Get close to it with this $1795 carbon subframe/airbox. Your subframe does become lighter than air-because you won't need it anymore.Visuwall Ink
Hero-sized heroes that can race around your walls for just $79.95 (get $15 off with discount code "Dirt Rider").EZ Chock Inc.
EZ Chock

Secure your bike without drilling holes. Your trailer will thank you. Your drill will think you're a wuss, all for $89.95.
866.385.7066Krause Racing
Smart Ring Chain

The new $129.99 Sidewinder Smart Chain has near-zero friction and lasts longer. Why would you ever put a dumb chain on your motorcycle again?
630.513.1000E Line Accessories
Carbon Fiber/Kevlar MegaBomb Pipe Guard

Your FMF MegaBomb is one bomb you don't want to explode. Protect it for $109.95.
508.295.0812Smooth Industries
David Bailey Table Set
You don't need to have reservations, because all proceeds from this $349.95 table set go right to the Full Circle Foundation.Roc Stompa
Steering Damper Kit

Tired of getting the bar yanked out of your hands at speed? This redesigned $469 damper kit can help there. Help doesn't mean you won't still fly over the bar if you hit a big enough rock-you just won't feel it.
888.808.7120Smith Optics
Graphic Series Goggle
If Smith is your last name, you have a very common name. If Smith is the name of your goggle, you could have a very exciting goggle. The Piston, Intake and Fuel now come in a sweet new Graphic Series from $70-$85.Zip-Ty Racing
Radiator Braces

Protect the cooling system that protects your engine. $89.95 keeps you and your bike from blowing your top.
760.244.7028Girlyz Clothing Co.
Vision Race Gear
If you ride like a girl because you are a girl, then you should dress like one. Win the fashion show and the moto at the same time in these Girlyz pant for $149.99, jersey for $39.99 and gloves for $29.99.Simpson
Spex Goggle

Someone told the marketing guys at Simpson, "Spex sells," and the typo stuck. Prove 'em right for only $34.99.
800.654.7223Two Brothers Racing
M7 V.A.L.E Slip-on for 2008 KLX450R
A 2008 exhaust already? Makes sense since the bike's already here. Stainless steel system with spark arrestor retails for $362.98, carbon fiber without for $529.98. Optional sound-reducing tips are available, so you can lose weight without making a lot of noise about it.Fulmer Helmets

Improve your looks in one easy step-slip one of these sharp $99.99 Fulmer helmets over your dirty mug.