White Brothers CRF307X - Dream Rides

Photos by Karel Kramer & Drew Ruiz

I can sum up my experience with the White Brothers-modified CRF307X little red thumper in one word, that word is: fun. The 307 had just about every bolt-on imaginable, making the bike a real treat for the eyes but pretty punishing to the pocketbook. Two of the big-ticket items-the Tom Morgan engine and the Race Tech suspension-were what put the dream in this ride. Roaring up the bike was just a push of a button away, thanks to the electric start. Upon firing, the White Brothers pipe gave the bike a good hearty tone that stayed under the 96-decibel sound limit. It took only a brief ride to notice that the motor makes some serious power. The combination of the heavy X flywheel and the quiet pipe insert keeps the engine from having a radical hit. Instead, it pulls smoothly from idle, but at a little above idle, it starts to build oomph. There is plenty of boost to pull you through the tight stuff. The delivery remains buttery smooth and pulls consistently through the rpm range. In fact, the motor is so smooth, you could almost be fooled into thinking it's slow, but it's not. The consistent pull of the motor is perfect for long rides since it doesn't tire you out. The motor and transmission are a match made in heaven, as the bike shifts perfectly every time and easily pulls the spacing between ratios.The smooth motor is only part of what makes this bike so much fun to ride. The CRF handled great, and thanks to the Race Tech suspension, it's one of the most nimble-feeling off-road bikes ever. No matter what the conditions were, the bike cornered awesomely. The front end stuck in every corner. Even on the slippery hardpack, the bike would cut an arc wherever you wanted it to. The suspension was nearly perfect for me: plush enough to soak up the small chop while still maintaining some stiffness to take care of the big hits. Only in the roughest of sections would the rear end kick a little, but that was probably due to my light weight. I did notice that the more aggressively I rode, the better the suspension seemed to work.The CRF307X is one great, easy-to-ride package that was super fun. And after all, isn't fun why we all ride?

White Brothers CRF307X Parts List

White Brothers: www.whitebros.com

Head porting: $399.95

CP 82mm stroker piston: $229.95

Millennium Technologies sleeve and plate: $459.95

Stroke and balance crank: $569.95

Gaskets: $111.17

Machine cases for 307 kit: $150

Jetting kit: $99.95

Engine rebuild: $375

E-2 exhaust: $399.95

Pro footpegs: $99.95

Stage 1 cam: $189.95

Formed, colored coolant hoses: $111.37

Hinson Clutch Components: www.hinsonracing.com

Outer clutch cover: $225

Inner hub/pressure plate kit: $478.99

Clutch basket: $239.99

Flu Designs: www.fludesigns.com

Complete graphics kit: $99.99

D756RR Race Replica 80/100-21 front tire: $112.69

D952 120/90-18 rear tire: $95.03

Applied Racing: www.appliedrace.com

CRF 22mm clamps, rubber-mounted: $395.95

X adapter kit: $32.95

Works Connection: www.worksconnection.com

Elite perch: $139.95

Rear master cylinder guard: $32

Engine plug kit: $39.95

Oil filler plug: $24.95

Front billet brake cover: $27.50

Rear billet brake cover: $24.95

Radiator braces: $59.95

Off-road skid plate: $199.95

CRF billet throttle tube: $49.95

Rotating bar clamp: $27.50

Uni Filter: www.unifilter.com

Two-stage foam air filter: $26.95

Race Tech: www.racetech.com

Fork rebuild: $109.99

Fork oil, US1: $29.99

Shock rebuild: $109.99

Shock oil, US0: $29.99

RT shock spring, 5.2kg/mm: $109.99

RT fork springs, 0.46kg/mm: $109.99

Fork Gold valve: $169.99

Shock Gold valve: $169.99

Regina USA: www.reginachain.it

Z-ring 520 ZRH chain: $122.95

Baja Designs: www.bajadesigns.com

Diablo HID headlight: $395

Stator rewind: $150

Rectifier/regulator: $49Wiring harness with control switch: $39.95

ICO Racing dual-sport: $119.95

ICO billet guard: $55.95

Maxima Racing Oils:

Maxum4 Extra 10W-40: $12.95 per liter

MTL-R 80-weight: $7.40 per liter

FFT: $7.15 per 16 oz

Coolanol: $12.34 per 64 oz

DOT-4: $6.16 per 8 oz

Fastway Performance/Pro Moto Billet:

CRF250 case saver: $36.95

CRF250 chain blocks: $49.95

Billet sharkfin rear disc guard: $89.95

Kick-it kickstand: $149.95

Front brake line clamp: $27.95

Dipstick: $32.95

Cycra Racing: www.cycra.com

Probend alloy hand guards: $119.95

IMS Products: www.imsproducts.com

3.2-gal. fuel tank: $225

Renthal America: www.renthal.com

TwinWall 997 bend: $119.95

Kevlar grips: $19.95

Fasst Company: www.fasstco.com

Rear brake clevis: $53.99

Rim lock spacers: $12.99