2004 Honda CRF 450

FeatureHonda has done it again. The new 450 keeps the same power plant as last year but they have upgraded the valve lifters in the powerplant to increase durability. The forks and shock offer a new supple action that helps keep the front wheel planted in sweeping corners. The frame is another new generation that will help the new CRF stay stable through the rough stuff and will flex as needed to prevent rider fatigue.

The seat cover now has an anti-slip cover and the shrouds have new graphics. Renthal bars come stock and the bike is outfitted with Dunlops on the front and rear.

Out on the track the new 450 really shines. The motor pulls strong and hard up all the hills and the 47mm Showa forks soaked up the big hits along with the little chop. The rear shock worked well and was very plush after setting the sag to my weight. The controls and the ergonomics felt right without making any changes. The carburetion was spot on and I did not need to make any jetting changes. The new CRF handled well on the straights and turned much better than the '03 in sweeping corners.

It lookls like Honda has released another winner this year.DR Tested****Fox 360 riding pantsAppearance and new features:Fox has released the new pant with a few chnages for the upcoming season. The first thing I noticed is that the new pant is lighter. It also has tapered cuffs on the legs to prevent any dirt making its way into the boot. New graphics and a new rear padding layout make up the new pant.The new graphics look very pleasing and the colors are and layout look great.The waist closure is also lighter and it's a very simple click latch design. Thie latch seems cheap though. I would'nt want to break it off as it looks as though it would be tough to repair.Function:These pant felt great when riding. They do not fall down as previous Fox 360 pants have been known to do. They feel very light and airy and offer the same protection as previous models. I had no problem getting these on with the Fox Raptor knee cups that I use. The cuffs on the legs kept everything out of my boots.All said these pants are every bit as good as previous model 360s, but now offer a lighter feel and better protection.