Cover Letter from Mr. White - Dirt Rider Magazine

An opportunity to interview and hire a candidate with experience in a variety of action sports industries is rare. However, that opportunity has now presented itself. I would like to be strongly considered for the position of Associate Editor with Dirt Rider Magazine. Having worked as a Public Relations, Promotions, and Marketing Consultant, a Local Motocross, ATV, and SnowcrossTeam Coordinator, an X-Games experienced Professional Snowboard Judge, the Producer, Post Supervisor, Cinematographer, Editor, and DVD Author for my own company (MKDP), a Consultant with several Midwestern action sports videos, a Snowboard Terrain Park Supervisor and Snowcat Operator,, the holder of a BS Degree in English with a focus on Technical Writing, and a 10 year veteran English Teacher, I'm hoping to get an opportunity to discuss what contributions I can offer your company so I might better convince you that I'm the perfect person for the job. I have plenty of experience working on a deadline and my resume clearly demonstrates I'm more than capable of juggling multiple responsibilities at a time. Just recently I worked with Troy Adamits (The Great Outdoors) on his most recent Supercross production as an assistant editor. It was exciting to relive the 2005 Supercross season, right in the middle of the 2005 Nationals. Editing footage is but one of my talents. Upon reviewing my writing samples you'll see that my photography skills comlement my production and writing proficiency, not to mention I'm an avid participant in the motorcross community. I would also recommend checking out, especially the video/pict section.Contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon. The best way to do so is via email or cell. I bounce back and forth between Northern and Southern California frequently so lets take advantage of proximity. Please consider me a serious candidate for any position. I'm confident I'm the best person for the job.


Mr. White