Cover Letter from Mr. Blonde - Dirt Rider Magazine

Dear Mr. Lewis,

"I don't want to break into the industry, I want to bust its doors down!"

I'm extremely interested in the job as Associate Editor at Dirt Rider Magazine. Your application selection process is one of the most unique I've ever seen, and it obviously sets your magazine apart from the rest. What a breath of fresh air! I first read about it on Motorcycle Industry Jobs and was instantly attracted to it. Dirt Rider always offers a wide range of coverage; tips, tricks, offroad, mx, amateur, lifestyle and testing. It's nice to see a publication that can be omnipresent in our industry without sacrificing in-depth features. Thanks for the awesome magazine.This job is the exact reason I attended college. I started riding motorcycles when I was 6, and began racing at 13 and am now a local expert rider of 5 years. I immediately knew that I wanted to be involved with our industry. I attended Bloomsburg University of PA and received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, and a minor in Philosophy. I am no stranger to writing. While in school I wrote some contributor columns for The Voice, our collegiate newspaper and wrote many philosophy papers. I have a knack for great spelling, good grammar and good copy checking skills. Also, while at college I was employed as a Red Bull Student Brand Manager where I took care of on-campus and nearby activities, supplying anyone in need of energy with Red Bull. Recently I've started my own website promoting local mx riders in my district and educating newcomers to our sport. Currently I work at a full-service advertising agency handling motorcycle dealers across the country and am fully responsible for their complete budgets from negotiation to design and billing. I am a personable, responsible team player. I feel that my educational background coupled with a passion for anything on two wheels and past job experience make me a perfect candidate for Associate Editor at Dirt Rider.Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the job at Dirt Rider, it's greatly appreciated and I look forward to talking to you further. I can be reached anytime during the day on my cell phone.Sincerely,Mr. Blonde