Supercross Thru The Eyes Of A Privateer: Part 4 and 5

Anaheim III was the best race in my life to date! In my day qualifier I finished 7th, to directly transfer into the night program. I rested up and listened to music and waited for my heat race. I was on the starting line for my heat and I told myself that I would get the holeshot on my side of the start. (due to split starting line) I rounded the first corner and I was out front! Holy S%&* I told myself! I put my head down and rode smooth but hard. For 2 laps those guys were not even gaining on me! When Ramsey finally caught up to me I told myself make it hard for him to pass you, so he knows he just can't push me around. He tried to get around me over the step on step off but I had the inside line and I held it! He tried again in the next corner and I ran him high! I led into the next lap but he did get around me on the split. I held my own and got fifth! I was in the MAIN! One of my life long dreams just came true! Now I needed to focus on the main and do well.In the Main Ramsey found me again off the start and hit my rear tire only to push me into a tuff block. I was dead last and working my way up when my arms told me "Hey Kris we are hard as a rock and we can't hold on anymore". So I backed her down and got 20th. Not the way I wanted the main to go. But at least now I have a base to work from. Thanks for cheering for me and hopefully I can get up on the box so I can get to speak to everybody! Because I am way funnier than Travis Preston!SAN FRANCISCO:This is not the kind of weekend I care to re-live but here we go? Well I had to drive my pickup all the way to San Francisco with my mechanic Thomas. We left on Thursday and proceeded to get pulled over. A CHP officer caught me doing 80 in a 55 on highway 138. He asked me "where you going" I said "San Francisco". He was a motorcycle guy and he was at Anaheim III and saw me race so he let me off with a warning. I was sooooo happy about that. I got into San Fran about 1:00 AM and went to bed. Practice was cancelled on Friday so we went to Alcatraz, which was cool to see. At night we would have to roll my bike inside the motel room because we were in the Ghetto! San Fran is not a very pretty city to roam around in?Saturday we got to the track and I had a great practice! I felt confident and fast! I lined up for my qualifier and ripped off a mid pack start. I tried to make a pass through a rhythm section only to have a guy case it and turn into my line! Splat! I got up worked my up to a qualifying position only to drop my front end in the cupped out whoops and cartwheel 3-4 times. Needless to say I didn't finish. Thomas got my bike straightened out in time for the LCQ. Everything was going good and I was in 2nd until the last lap. I missed a shift going up the face of the triple and endoed pretty hard. It knocked me silly and Thomas rode me back to the truck dejected. I didn't even make it to the night qualifiers! I was pissed. I had to calm down and thank god that I did't get hurt.You have to try to be positive in these situations. I rode hard and made one of my life long goals happen the first 6 races out. So I am fairly happy with the season. Will I quit? Absolutely not, I am going to ride harder and eventually impress someone out there, and I am going to get on a team! Most of all though I love to ride my bike and like meeting new people that feel the same way! Hope to see you soon and remember " A bad day on a bike is better than a good day at work".I would like to thank my sponsors for all their help this year. KTM ,WP,RENTHAL, ACERBIS, SCOTT USA,HJC,FMF,MAXIMA,SMP,DIRT RIDER MAGAZINE,ASTERISK,ONE INDUSTRIES, VP RACING FUELS, DUNLOP-Kris Keefer