Windham's 10-point penalty is overturned.

AMA Press Release: A three-person appeal board organized by AMA Pro Racing has decided to overturn the points deduction penalty assessed to Kevin Windham. Windham had been docked 10 points by AMA Pro Racing MX/SX Series Manager Steve Whitelock for an incident involving fellow rider David Vuillemin at Round 2 of the AMA Supercross Series. In the opinion of Whitelock, Windham engaged in unsafe and unsportsmanlike riding by intentionally making contact with Vuillemin on lap one of the main event. The contact resulted in Vuillemin being pushed off the track nearly colliding with a photographer standing nearby. Vuillemin, who had the early lead in the race, remounted and worked his way back through the pack for a eventual seventh place finish.The appeal board found that while points penalties are with merit and necessary, Windham's actions in this case did not violate the AMA Supercross/Motocross Rulebook. The appeal board voted 2-1 in favor of Windham.The ruling moves Windham into second place in the THQ AMA Supercross Series points standings, with 122 points. Team Yamaha's Chad Reed leads the series, with 144 points. Team Yamaha's David Vuillemin is dropped from second to third, with 114, and Amsoil Chaparral Honda's Mike LaRocco, who was tied with Windham for third, slips to fourth, with 112.