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We know you all couldn't be there, so we posted plenty of photos so you can see what you missed. No need to thank us.Dirt Rider Magazine's mid-winter 24-hour torture test has just been written into the history books. The 24-Hour is an annual tradition where we invite off-road motorcycle manufacturers, pro off-road riders and aftermarket companies to come out and put their equipment to the test. The guest list is often long and distinguished, this year's included 13 of the top off-road riders in the world. By the end on Wednesday, the equipment is hammered, the riders are tired, yet everybody was still all smiles.By Monday morning, January 19, 2004, approximately 250 people had descended on the I-5 MX Park. This track is in the hills near Gorman, California, approximately 60 miles north of Los Angeles. In the past we have had to deal with snow, rain, even heat, but this year the conditions are ideal, the sun is warm and the shade was cool. The course that we used for the test is an 18.5 mile loop in the Hungry Valley SVRA mountains. It peaked out around 4200 feet, with an altitude variation of about 800 feet from the lowest point. This year there was an added variable that we don't always have at this test --mandatory spark arrestors since the land we were riding on was open to the public and the Rangers in control will fine violators without spark arrestors or exceed the 96dBA noise limitation.Tuesday morning, the rider's met for an orientation. Dirt Rider's Karel Kramer and Bryan Nylander did an excellent job of organizing and producing this fantastic event. At the meeting the rules and goals of the test are explained. At 10 a.m. the first wave of riders is supposed to head for the loop. With OLN's Dirt Rider Adventures TV crew on hand to capture the event on film, the first wave of riders is a little slow getting underway; pausing for pictures, sound test and ride a couple of mini-loops for cameras as they head out on their first loop.The eleven test bikes were prepared by the manufacturers according to Karel's specs for the event. Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, KTM, and Thumper Racing participated along with Barry Hawk, Fred Andrews, Randy Hawkins, Steve Hatch, Scott Summers, Mike Lafferty, Chuck Woodford along with DR test riders Greg Herbold and Dick Burleson. The riders follow a chart for time of day and equipment to ride so that each bike is basically working all day, throught the night and into the next day. The bikes for each of the two tests are as follows:Test Number 1:

Modified Race Bikes

Steve Hatch's Kawasaki KX250

Mike Lafferty's KTM250SX

Fred Andrews' Suzuki RM250

Barry Hawk's YZ250

Thumper Racing's CRF270R

Chuck Woodford's KXF250

Scott Summers' CRF450R

Randy Hawkins' WR250R

The biggest change to all the bikes was outfitting them with quiet silencers and spark arrestors because of the location we were testing. They were also fitted with rewound stators to allow lights for the night time riding.Test Number 2:

Stock 250 4-Stroke Enduro Models

Honda CRF250X


Yamaha WR250F

The stock bikes were all supposed to use the Pro Circuit Type 496 for commonality. The Yamaha however received a 101.8 dBA rating with the PC pipe, so the stock silencer was put back on with the GYT-R quiet insert installed. The Honda CRF and the KTM EXC continued with the PC silencer and were under 94 dBA. The Honda had jetting and airbox mods, while the Yamaha had filed down throttle stop modification, and the silencer insert.Although it was just eleven bikes are being tested officially, the rest of the crowd was able to just enjoy riding on the beautiful trails and the newly redesigned motocross track. Guests came from as far away as Florida to experience the Dirt Rider 24 Hour test first hand. Even thought the weather is chilly - dropping into the low 30's at night, there is plenty of warmth in the pits as old friend are reunited, and new friends are made. Burleson reminded everyone the snow was some 21 inches deep back home in Michigan. He assured us that this was not cold. Other friends came all the way from Washington State. We must mention the most generous members of the guest list. Since not just anybody can get invited to Dirt Rider's 24-Hour test event, it was decided three years ago to open it up to those that are willing to work for their free lunch and dinner. The criteria was 25 hours of volunteer work to help keep our trails open. Lunch and dinner on our first test day were provided generously by Parts Unlimited.If you wanted to change your oil at the end of the ride, Chris Real was there from ChemHelp to assist in the process and dispose of correctly of the used oil. Dirt Rider wanted Real and his Honda Rider's Club of America sponsored trailer to be at this event because of our commitment to responsible off-road riding and behaviors in the pits. Real travels often to off-road and motocross events to help educate Rangers and riders alike in chemical, safety, and sound tests procedures. For more info on what exactly ChemHelp is involved in visit www.chemhelp.comAssisting the Rangers in the sound testing procedures on our test day was Don Amador from the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Amador is an off-road rider, and advocate for your rights to ride on public land. Visit www.sharetrails.org to learn more and stay connected. Amador encourages everyone to get involved locally, wherever you are. The Blue Ribbon Coalition and Dirt Rider cannot be all places fighting for rights of riders. "We need everyone to be involved where you are to keep trails open, and to educate the public on the fact that we are good upstanding citizens that care about the environment and want to work with the government, not just resist it."Whether you came from near or far, the secluded I-5 MX Park was a perfect place to call home for the Dirt Rider test. Joe Sutter has developed this track into a fun and safe venue for motocross. He has changed the soil conditions immensely from what it used to be.Watch for the 24-Hour Torture Test on OLN TV coming soon. Molly Culver, our host and on camera personality had a blast interviewing many of the test riders, mechanics, and guests. Just click on the Dirt Rider Adventures link in the navigation bar for a schedule of events.

Danny Laporte and Dave Dye have a little go around with the Randy Hawkins and Barry Hawk.
Yep thats me on the cover.
Ken explains the rules.
Karel preaches his safety sermon.
Thats right you have to have a spark arrestor.
Molly delivers a Wet Willy
Nice Smile Molly.
Karel explains how to clear the triple on the mx track.
Chris Real from chemhelp keepin it clean.
Terry Beal, just asked Molly out, notice the reaction.
Must be Leaded
It was cold at night really cold.
OLN was on hand to capture some of the fun on film.
The guys from Baja Designs helped out with the lighting.
Here is a shot of the pits
The chopper was giving rides all day.
Off Road at its best.
Post queer eye for the straight guy makeover.
DB still roostin.
Sound test was mandatory.
The crew gets ready to pounce
Numero UNO
"So Greg how was your ride."
Johnny and Steve spend some quality time at the 24-hour
Eric Crippa
There's a new SuperHero in town.
Make sure you get the pipe in the picture.
Kurt Caselli
Scott Summers is back!
Yamaha Yaaamaahaaaa
Come on Doug we still think your Number 1