Supercross Practice Cancelled

Friday's practice was cancelled due to the rain and majority of the new bikes were kept inside the semis. The rain was more like heavy drizzle, but a consistent one, and enough to clear out the pits and force the Dirt Werx crew to completely cover the entire track in plastic. Riders went home early and disappointed, not being able to get a look and feel for the track. We didn't get much of a chance to shoot many photos either. We did get a few shots of some factory bikes before the rain became too much to handle.Enjoy!

Check out the detail on Roncada's 250F. Notice the washers are drilled out to shave weight and that the stem nut has been safety wired. Also the green anodizing
KTM's are always some of the trickest bikes in the pits check out this custom carbonfiber guard.
Hinson's clutch covers are on a big majority of the bikes in the pits.
The new 250cc four strokes have some radical looking parts check out the motor on this one.
Shiny, also notice the custom built radiators. Not to mention a slew of other changes
All the factory Hondas are equipped with these red anodized hubs.
Honda's bikes are usally easy on the eyes and Ernies bike is no exception.
Too bad we wont get to see her in action.
Yikes!! Honda mounts have these gnarly foot pegs on their machines.
Roncada's KXF250, yep thats right he is riding in the 125 class this year
Lytle's 125cc Katoom.
Grant Langston bike is impressive, look at the size of the front axle.
FMF builds some trick pipes for the KTM guys also notice the extra orange wrap around the radiator tube
Look at the size of the legs on Langston's bike.