Supercross Thru The Eyes Of A Privateer: Part 3

Hello again, I would like to start off my story by sending my thoughts and prayers to Jason Ciarletta's family and friends. We all ride motorcycles because we love it and becoming a Factory rider is what we as racers always strive for. Jason was out there doing what he loved to do, racing motorcycles. This tragedy should if anything make us realize life is very precious and we should thank god everyday that we can get on our motorcycle and ride or race. Factory rider or not! Godspeed Jason. Jason is up there shredding the loamiest berm and whipping it harder than anyone ever could down here.Going to Qualcomm Stadium my expectations of making the Main event were high this time! Walking the track on Friday I could tell this was the best track yet this year. I was excited to get going. Thomas went through my bike and had the guys at DUNLOP mount up some new 739's. Friday practice went great I rode well and was very comfortable. I was ready!Saturday Thomas again drew a great starting position for my qualifiers. I rocketed out of the gate into 6th. I went through the whoop section so good the first lap I jumped the triple after the whoops and passed 2 guys in the air. I stayed in 4th the whole way and made a direct transfer into the night. I was really happy. I drew Heat #1 and told myself I was going to get a great start and I did. I rounded the second corner in 6th! I went into a tight right hand corner before the whoops on the gas only to have Brian Gray fall right into me. I preceded to T-bone him in the arm and run him over slightly, on accident of course. I got up and I was dead last. I charged all the way until the finish and worked up to 13th. I wanted a decent pick for the LCQ.I had another great start in the LCQ thanks to my awesome KTM 125. I tell you that bike is so fast I get whiskey throttle sometimes! Whew! I was in 3rd completing the first lap. Another rider got underneath me after the finish but I tried to make a block pass on him in the next corner. I almost took us both out. With a lap and half to go, another rider cleaned me out. He hit me hard and it surprised me. Lesson learned for the next round. I was happy that I rode well but really pissed that I didn't make the main when I knew I should have. So I will take my frustration and anger and put it to good use for the next race in Anaheim III. Hope to see you there.Sponsors: KTM,WP,RENTHAL, ACERBIS, SCOTT USA,HJC,FMF,MAXIMA,SMP,DIRT RIDER MAGAZINE,ASTERISK,ONE INDUSTRIES, VP RACING FUELS, DUNLOP.