2004 Yamaha Rider Introduction

This past Wednesday Yamaha held their 2004 rider introduction. They held it at Dromo One, a Kart track in Anaheim Ca. First things first Yamaha prepared breakfast for everyone. Then assigned everyone in attendance, to a race team for a day of go kart racing.Set to go was a 200-minute team race, with the teams being compiled of; media, mechanics and Team riders. The race was set up as a fun day for all the racers and media.As usual Chad Reed turned some impressive lap times and was the early leader. Mike Brown then made a pass on Reed for the lead, about 10 minutes into the race. Brown kept the lead for quite some time but during rider changes the lead was swapped nearly every lap with a number of different teams. At the half-waypoint team Freak Show (lead by team Captain Randy Hawkins) took over and began to run away with it. They ended up with the victory and a 3-lap lead. Final lap count for the leaders was 437. All in all it was a great day and everyone had a great time.During all the fun Yamaha managed to squeeze in a quick introduction of all the 2004 racers. Returning as the Factory team is Chad Reed , David Vuillemin and Tim Ferry. The support team also looks great with Brock Sellards, Danny Smith, Kelly Smith, Mike Brown, Heath Voss and Josh Hansen on Yamaha of Troy. Josh Demuth and Tommy Hoffmaster will be racing arena cross. The newest addition to Yamaha is Nate Adams who will be riding freestyle. The offroad team was also there with names like Ty Davis, Russ Pearson, Randy Hawkins, Barry Hawk and Jason Raines.

Ty Davis and Randy Hawkins.
Pearson and Gobert wait their turn.
Yamaha and Toyota teamed up and this was the final product the inside is even more impressive.
Reeds Factory Machine
Both Reed and Ferrys bike have had the fuel switch ground off to help prevent any chance of the fuel being turned off.
There are a number of trick parts in this photo, check out the pipe and aluminum tank to start with.
Inside Dromo One Kart track